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Recommended book of library

Last update date July 10, 2020

In page of "contents to be able to enjoy in house", we introduce coloring and video.

From book which entered library newly, we introduce recommended book every month.
From infant to junior high student, we introduce according to school years.

Recommended book for adults

Book Talk of recommended book

Book which we introduce in Book Talk
The title of a bookAuthor namePublishing company
World house circulation (the outside site) pleasant here and thereYoshio Komatsu/sentence, photograph, Akira Nishiyama/pictureThe Gospel building bookstore
Nest color color (the outside site) of chickenMamoru Suzuki/product, pictureKAISEI-SHA
Wish comes true; turn; corner (the outside site)Atsushi Okada/product, Tanaka six University/pictureKAISEI-SHA
onneri and period renoochi (the outside site)Marjatta Kurenniemi/product, Maija Karma/pictureThe Gospel building bookstore

Book which we introduce in Book Talk of video
The title of a bookAuthor namePublishing company
Friend (the outside site) (the outside site)Shuntaro Tanikawa/sentence, Makoto Wada/pictureTamagawa University publishing division
Friend (the outside site) of wife and 7 person of dirt Japanese towel (the outside site)We obtain iyongyon/and bake kamiyaniji/The Gospel building bookstore

Anything lasts (?) Boy (the outside site) (the outside site)

Ian Whybrow/product, Kako Ishigaki/reason, sugiharatomoko/pictureTokuma Shoten
Present (the outside site) which is wonderful as for the letter (the outside site)sugiyamakanayo/workKodansha
Grandma (the outside site) who does not stop of acorn mountain (the outside site)Yoko Tomiyasu/product, Taeko Oshima/pictureTheory company

Book which we introduce in Book Talk of video
The title of a bookAuthor namePublishing company
Let's practice thinking (the outside site); (the outside site)Marilyn Burns/work, Martha Weston/picture, Kushiro, Sakyo/reasonAkifumi Corporation
Go for it, Henry (the outside site) (the outside site)Beverly Cleary/product, Kyoko Matsuoka/reason, Louis Darling/pictureGakken

Sunday (the outside site) of poppen teacher (the outside site)

Yoshihiko Funazaki/workTsukama bookshop
Collection of beach (the outside site) (the outside site)Tetsuichi Hamaguchi/work, Hitoshi Ikeda/workFROEBEL-KAN
korehanominopiko (the outside site) (the outside site)Shuntaro Tanikawa/product, Makoto Wada/imageThe sun lead

Book which we introduce in Book Talk of video
The title of a bookAuthor namePublishing company
Do, and fly (the outside site); (the outside site)Cook Suzuki seaweed;/productBronze new company
Kiki's Delivery Service (the outside site) (the outside site)Eiko Kadono/product, Akiko Hayashi/imageThe Gospel building bookstore

Stone which head was clogged up with (the outside site) (the outside site)

Carol Otis Hearst/sentence, James Stevenson/picture, Shigeki Chiba/reasonLight village education book

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