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Picture book [picture book of thing which 1.2 years old is familiar to] to enjoy by hug on knee

Last update date March 15, 2019

We notice that oneself knows 2-year-old child on seeing fruit or animal in picture book from 1 year old in being the same.
We will read picture book of imminent contents.
We are pleased with picture book with repetition and question and become able to enjoy simple development.

List of books ※We understand whether you are loaning when we click title.
Title Author Publishing company Contents of book
Fruit (the outside site) Kazuko Hirayama/fence The Gospel building bookstore Imminent fruit is fresh and young, and it is drawn. We seem to stretch out hand unintentionally when held out with "saadozo". We will read while doing imitation to eat with child.
How mother (the outside site) of hitting We obtain Masayuki Yabuuchi/Atsushi Komori/ The Gospel building bookstore How does mother of hitting carry child in various ways?
We hit how, but favorite child is absorbed in beautiful painting such as genuine article.
Do not appear; if do (the outside site) It is got Byron Barton/fence
We bake kojimamamoru/
Star company of money We pick up denshahao visitor and advance in various scenery more and more.
Of size of children liking vehicle as for this simple, colorful picture book favorite.
shirokumachannohottokeki (the outside site)

wakayamaken/work Hisashi Mori/work

Bear's cub company Do, and bear makes pancake with mother and eats with bear's cub.
State that pancake is burnt is very appetizing picture book.
Donny appeared (the outside site) Akiko Hayashi/fence The Gospel building bookstore Baby who puts on shirt.
"We look like that that that nothing".
Hand appears, and put on brain, and go over the budget…….
Let's enjoy vivid expression and movement.
Someone (the outside site) Tada Hiroshi/fence The culture publication station On my birthday, many friends come over.
"tontonton" "someone"
Whom is there when we open door?
Repetition is pleasant picture book.
Do you see bear bear what? (the outside site) We obtain Eric = curl/
Building = Martin/
KAISEI-SHA Rhythm is good saying it is saying "we see brown bear what which does not let you cross which does not let you cross", and words are repeated, and animal of beautiful color appears in sequence.

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