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Picture book [book to come across in 0.1 years old beginning] to enjoy by hug on knee

Last update date March 15, 2019

It is early age, but can still enjoy sound of words enough to read picture book that we did 1 year old from 0 years old well.
We recommend picture book with clear sense of rhythm of picture. It is OK even if we do not read till the last!
We will play with baby using picture book.

List of books ※We understand whether you are loaning when we click title.
Title Author Publishing company Contents of book
Peekaboo (the outside site) We obtain Miyoko Matsutani/sentence Yasuo Segawa/ DOSHINSHA

Baby loves; "peekaboo" animals are repeated expressively.
He/she tells pleasure to turn up page.

Hold in your arm (the outside site) nishimakikayako/product Bear's cub company Saying "hold in the arm", baby of kangaroo.
"Yes, we hold in our arm. Saying quit, and is good; mother of kangaroo.
For "hug" repeated in sequence of baby feel relaxed.
Then (the outside site) Noriko Matsui/fence KAISEI-SHA We express thing which baby including "jidoshabubu" "mizujaajaajaa" comes across close by repetition of rhythmical words.
We are made using cardboard soundly.
We come like swelling (the outside site) tanikawashuntarou/fence
We obtain motonagasadamasa/
Sentence clouded gold lacquer version Form that came out of the "moko" tto ground changes "like swelling" with "nyoki"…….
Baby takes the mysterious world where adult looks puzzled straight and enjoys.
totokekkouyogaaketa (the outside site) Get Kobayashi; medium/plan Setsuko Mashima/picture Bear's cub company It is picture book which adopted phrase of children's song "totokekkouyogaaketa".
We acquire condition and read and sing and.
Let's enjoy aloud by all means.
kukkukukku (the outside site)

Setsuko Hasegawa/sentence Tadahiro Ogawa/photograph Mineko Yaguchi/shoemaking

The Gospel building bookstore "kukku" made of felt put together for "oppekehyarariko" "mammammo" and pleasant words and dance.
It is very lovely photograph picture book.
A lot of cats (the outside site) Grace Skarr/fence
We bake Michiko Yabuki/
The Gospel building bookstore

Various cats including small cat, island island cat, thin cat come out.
Finally we match voice together, and one is "mew" pleasant picture book, too.

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