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Story-telling Q&A

Last update date February 15, 2019

Welcome to the world of picture book

Picture book is book which child comes across for the first time.
Beautiful picture drawn carefully arrives in heart of children.
Beauty and rhythm of Japanese sound, fun of intonation bring up words of children.
If favorite picture book is found, we will read repeatedly.
Children are waiting for warm voice of father mother.

Q. Is it still early to read picture book?

A. At first, let's begin with children's song
Baby loves comfortable rhythm of children's song.
Children's song is treasure house of rich words.
⇒In detail to "communication by children's song"

Q. Can you enjoy picture book at 1 year old from 0?

A. With that alone it is enough if we can play through picture book♪
Please enjoy reaction of baby and cute expression.
It is not necessary to all read through.
⇒Know a lot; from "book 0 to come across first to 1 year old"

Q. Why don't you become 2 years old from 1?

A. Picture book debut up to professional standard soon!
It is about time when we notice that we turn up page in story beginning. In addition, interest spreads mainly on everyday life more and more, too.
By enjoying the exchanges, on seeing picture book, bond of parent and child will deepen together.
"We are 2 years old from picture book 1 of imminent thing" in detail

Q. What kind of picture book is good if we become 3 years old from 2?

A. wakuwakusurumonogatarino picture book is recommended.
Words gradually become own thing and become able to enjoy book of simple story.
It will be that picture book which had favorite person read becomes important one book.
⇒In detail from "2 to the world where there is no to 3 years old"

Q. How do you choose picture book?

A. At first, please come to library.
There is "picture book to come across for the first time" which attracted picture books which librarian recommends in Yokohama City Library corner.
Please feel free to contact librarian of counter♪
As there are individual differences, please begin to interest of baby.

Q. Is there program that can participate with small child?

A. For parent and child in library; talk, and hold meeting.
⇒Talk in detail; to page of meeting

Q. May we go to library with child?

A. We go out a little…Please come to library.
Even stroller is all right.
There are book and magazine which are useful for child care of father mother.

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