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Picture book [to the 2.3 years old world where there is no] to enjoy by hug on knee

Last update date March 15, 2019

Experience and knowledge increase from 2 years old in everyday life if we become 3 years old. Genre of picture book to be able to enjoy to that spreads.
Child becomes main character completely and enjoys picture book entirely.
We will challenge picture book of simple story or picture book of old tale.

List of books ※We understand whether you are loaning when we click title.
Title Author Publishing company Contents of book
guritogura (the outside site) We obtain Rieko Nakagawa/fence irregularity Yuriko/ The Gospel building bookstore We make big castella with kinanonezuminoguritoguraha liking cooking and eating very much, big egg. Rhythmical sentence and painting are pleasant picture books which have been read for a long time.
Small cat (the outside site) We obtain Momoko Ishii/fence Jo Yokochi/ The Gospel building bookstore Kitten which jumped out outside alone has a dangerous experience in sequence. But mother cat helped finally. Clear story and picture attract child.
Vest (the outside site) of mouse Yoshio Nakae/product Noriko Ueno/picture Poplar company Red vest which is good to mouse which had mother knit. But animals wear in sequence saying "help put on a little" and grow.
It is one book that unexpected development is pleasant.
This drained figure (the outside site) We obtain kanzawatoshiko/bunnishimakikayako/ KAISEI-SHA We have begun to run alone to underwear gahakenaitatsukunha, the same outside.
We create imminent subject called change of clothes whether it is full of colors.
Handkerchief (the outside site) of tongue tongue Kazuo Iwamura/product KAISEI-SHA Red handkerchief of tongue tongue which grows big whenever we cast a spell. Various play is born. With child, we will read while imagining.
Big turnip (the outside site) A. Tolstoy/modern version of old tales Risako Uchida/reason
Churyo Sato/image
The Gospel building bookstore We cooperate together and pull big turnip with "untokoshodokkoisho".
It is picture book of old tale to be able to enjoy repetition of shout.

When we want to know more picture books and story-telling

What should I do to choose picture book? How should we read picture book? Please give this book for hand if we think of this.

List 2 of book ※We understand whether you are loaning when we click title.
Title Author
(person who wrote)
Publishing company
Child picture book guide (the outside site) sawadasachiko/picture book seresuto, nakajimaeriko/constitution, sentence SHUFUNOTOMO Co., Ltd./edition SHUFUNOTOMO Co., Ltd.
Picture book box (the outside site) of baby Child and this - Okayama - "picture book box of baby" editing Committee/work Kibi crowd version
Is it picture book topping silkworms topping (the outside site)? Kyoko Matsuoka/work Japanese editor school publishing division

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