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Meeting volunteer course of children's song and picture book

We deepen understanding to children's song and picture book, and shall we participate in activity to report the pleasure to children? (as application for Kanazawa venue reached capacity, we closed)

Last update date October 14, 2020

All three times



Course example program

  • Lecture (the first, the second) about role that story-telling of children's song and picture book serves as
  • Training others (the third) of children's song by librarian and demonstration, children's song of story-telling


Michiko Ishikawa (2017 social education person who has rendered distinguished services, juvenile culture researcher)

Participation condition

  • Person who is interested in child care support activity for 2 years old child and the protectors from 0, and can participate with all three times.
  • Person who can cooperate with meeting of children's song and picture book as volunteer in future.
  • Person working as childcare volunteer, story-telling volunteer, beginner take.

There is no childcare. Please refrain from participation with child.
We carry out this year in 2 venues. Only one nitsu 1 venue, the person can propose.

Kanazawa venue


Meeting room (the building same as Kanazawa library)/Address out of Kanazawa district center: 2-14-5, Deiki, Kanazawa-ku


The first: Thursday, November 12
The second: Thursday, November 19
The third: Thursday, November 26
From all 10:00 a.m. to noon


Around 15 people


It is Kanazawa library window or telephone from 9:30 on Wednesday, October 14 (045-784-5861)
(as application for Kanazawa venue reached capacity, we closed)


  • Keikyu Kanazawa-Hakkei Station 7-minute walk
  • Seaside line Kanazawa-Hakkei Station 7-minute walk
  • Keikyu bus stop "Suzaki" drop off walk six minutes (4, sentence 15 system)

Spring venue


Izumi Library meeting room/Address: 6207-5, Izumicho, Izumi-ku


The first: Wednesday, December 2
The second: Wednesday, December 9
The third: Wednesday, December 16
From all 10:00 a.m. to noon


Around 12 people


From Thursday, November 12 9:30 over window of Izumi Library or telephone (045-801-2251)

Address, traffic access

  • Soutetsu Line Izumino Station north exit 3-minute walk
  • shinnachu bus stop "Izumino Station" drop off walk three minutes (i 04, i 06, i 07, i 08, i 10, i 11, i 12, i 20, ritsu 01 system)



Yokohama City Library


  • (thing about overall course): Municipal Central Library plan administration section volunteer course person in charge (until Monday through Friday)
    Telephone: 045-262-7334/fax: 045-262-0052/e-mail address:[email protected]
  • (being concerned with application every venue, contact of the day): To each library, please.

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Telephone: 045-262-7334

Fax: 045-262-0052

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