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We make place to stay of local child newly

Last update date March 13, 2020

We look for local approach

We help with local approach and support

We make local approach newly

We make local approach newly

[we mend child restaurant area restaurant in Yokohama! Introduction of GUIDEBOOK]

In Yokohama-shi, stand in place to stay of local children such as "child restaurant"; upper gerutameno
Support menu and precedent example "mend child restaurant area restaurant in Yokohama! We gathered up as GUIDEBOOK.
Person who will launch place to stay of local child from now on,
Person who has already performed approach about place to stay of child by all means "mend child dining room area dining room in Yokohama! Please utilize GUIDEBOOK.

Information for economical support (grant)

In Yokohama-shi in cooperation with social welfare corporation Yokohama-shi Council of Social Welfare,
We support the making of place to stay of local child.


To person whom we want to help with local approach and want to support

If there is encounter with comrade and supporter [kitchen umechan, Nakajima]

It was difficult to launch alone, but realized that local, which supported friend and that which had the same will to "want to do something for child!" was a lot.
We run by many connections with city and ward Council of Social Welfare, local company, support group. Environment may vary according to areas, but, at first, please act. And please drop in casually as you want to make community which can solve that we are in trouble while we run every day together.

At first, please step forward to one step! [raw wheat child restaurant, Masakatsu Yanase]

It is us who established child restaurant after about one year, but often hears story "that we wanted to study!".
"But saying we do not know how we should begin"….
It is for child one needing this activity not it being going to gather many children to think and is good in such a case! It is to step forward to one step with feeling called this.

We manage it if there are any "motivations"! [Komaoka child restaurant, director, Naoki Shichita]

Issue flow and consultation until establishment in Yokohama-shi; "mend child restaurant area dining room in Yokohama! GUIDEBOOK serves as a reference. It may be difficult to establish homepage, but by, at first, establishing even publication and Facebook to this WEB site, about public information, it is possible for connection.
As for what we run and feel, local organizing to be able to help each other when we were in trouble is serious matter. Please come to contact, and to experience if you may have a problem. We will be waiting.

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