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Alert (about the mother's milk purchase)

Last update date August 2, 2018

Please be careful about the purchase of mother's milk on the Internet

It is done about the purchase of mother's milk on the Internet by Consumer Affairs Agency alerting.

Consumer Affairs Agency homepage ..., (the outside site)

<we extract from homepage of Consumer Affairs Agency>
"Information considered to have sold product which called itself mother's milk on the Internet in the past was confirmed when Consumer Affairs Agency confirmed.
About mother's milk which third party sells on the Internet risk of infectious disease is at sanitary risk, and it is not easy for consumers to confirm the safety. Let's recognize about such a risk enough.
Let's talk about the nursing to child with local doctor or health nurse before purchasing mother's milk on the Internet without being troubled about mother's milk not flowing alone. "

Please consult with medical institution and Health and Welfare Center Children and Families Support Division of ward to live which we delivered about with trouble about the nursing including mother's milk, milk how to give and "we are worried whether mother's milk flows properly".

In Health and Welfare Center of ward, we perform not only the nursing but also consultation about childcare or growth, the development of child.

Consultation (child, home support consultation) publication page ... of each ward,

※ We have purchased mother's milk, and thing about the sale actual situation of mother's milk, please contact person in charge of Health and Social Welfare Bureau food board of health food monitoring.
Contact information: 045-671-2459

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Telephone: 045-671-2390

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