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Hello baby visit business

Last update date July 1, 2020

Notice About the reopening of hello baby visit business

"Hello baby visit" that stopped from the viewpoint of new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention reopens sequentially in each ward office after June.
About the visit reopening situation in ward to live, please confirm from homepage of the following Health and Welfare Center.

Hello baby visit

... that area visits home of baby until ... four months after birth

Congratulations on your new baby. Time to spend at home and the outskirts when baby is born increases,
Interchange with local people that there were few relations may increase until now.
When there is person watching growth of baby together in area, we feel safe.

In Yokohama-shi, "member of hello baby visit" carrying out various activities in area is four months after birth
We visit all families having madeno baby and perform reporting about child care at the doors,
We support child care.

Triggered by visit, we will deepen interchange with local people.
By talking with various people, fatigue and trouble, anxiety of childcare may become light.
In addition, trouble when worry, can introduce health nurse of ward office and obstetrical teacher from member of visit.

Whom do you visit to?

It is all families having baby until four months after birth.

What kind of person is "member of hello baby visit?"

From local welfare officer, children's committee and chief children's committee, child care support with experience working in area,
About 900 people receive commission of the mayor.
We receive the training about local child care and carry identification of member of visit on visit.

... that member of ... visit visits with such a feeling

○ We work as local welfare officer. Even if, as well as advanced age, little by support of child care home
We think and work if possible. We feel worth doing very much.

○ When we met person whom we visited last year in neighborhood, we had you call out.
Seeing state that thing, baby who remembered grow up into well
We were very glad to be able to do it.

○ We help with activity of baby class and child care support base.
We are glad very much when we participate triggered by visit.

By "hello baby visit", what do you do?

 We introduce consultation counter about reporting and childcare about child care.
 It is timely and sends place and area original information including local event that can participate with child.
 We perform evacuation sites at the time of disaster, reporting of evacuation shelter.
"iza!" For this, it is opportunity when we come to know local person by sight.
 We present toy (red rattle) to baby.

When does notification of visit come?

I will inform from member of hello baby visit before baby is four months after birth.
After the childbirth, please submit "birth contact vote" which mother and child health handbook has to ward office of ward to live.
I will inform Phone number which was listed there.
※Not Phone number of ward office, we may contact from cell-phone and landline of member of visit individual.
In addition, we may call directly. Please submit "birth contact vote" early.

... which we introduce voice that I received from person who received ... visit to

○It was good to be able to hear local information that we could not readily usually hear from local person.

○We are stouthearted when we think that we live in neighborhood and watch.

○As we just moved in, and nothing knew area, we were relieved to be taught.

○We just had you hear anxiety of the first childcare and relaxed a little.

○As we were apt to stay in home after the childbirth, we could talk with person except family, and it was said, and it was for a change.

○Materials are prepared generally and seem to be helpful for the future.

○We were taught place gone with neighboring Pediatrics and supermarket, baby and were saved.

○It was good to be able to be taught baby class.

○Thing that is uneasy in things of childcare if have been in trouble, it turns out that can talk with ward office anytime,
We felt relieved.

There is "the mother and the child visit (newborn baby visit) by obstetrical teacher, health nurse, too"

We visit all families where the first baby was delivered. Obstetrical teacher and health nurse are the weight measurement and the nursing of baby and, about thing about other childcare, health condition of mother of after giving birth, are consulted.

Contact information of each ward Health and Welfare Center
Health and Welfare Center Phone numberHomepage address
Aoba Ward Health and Welfare Center978-2215

Asahi Ward Health and Welfare Center954-6151
Izumi Ward Health and Welfare Center800-2488

Isogo Ward Health and Welfare Center750-2437

Kanagawa Ward Health and Welfare Center411-7111

Kanazawa Ward Health and Welfare Center788-7787

Konan Ward Health and Welfare Center847-8410
Kohoku Ward Health and Welfare Center540-2340
Sakae Ward Health and Welfare Center894-8959
Seya Ward Health and Welfare Center367-5760
Tsuzuki Ward   Health and Welfare Center948-2325
Tsurumi Ward Health and Welfare Center510-1839
Totsuka Ward Health and Welfare Center866-8472
Naka Ward Health and Welfare Center224-8172
Nishi Ward Health and Welfare Center320-8312

Hodogaya Ward Health and Welfare Center334-6323
Midori Ward Health and Welfare Center930-2361
Minami Ward Health and Welfare Center341-1151

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