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List of designated medical institutions

Last update date February 12, 2021

About designated medical institution

◆In the case of medical institution in Yokohama-shi

Please confirm designated medical institution inspection in following Yokohama-shi.
Person that grant is hoped for, please refer to each medical institution for specific infertility treatment with medical institution in Yokohama-shi that is not listed in this list before beginning treatment. It is for treatment that we began after it was authorized to designated medical institution.

◆In the case of medical institution out of Yokohama-shi

If it is facility receiving designation as medical institution of the specific infertility treatment costs furtherance business, in the local government having jurisdiction over the Address ground of medical institution, we can consider to be designated medical institution.
About designation of medical institution of the suburbs, please ask each local government.

□□□ List of designated medical institutions in Yokohama-shi □□□

※ When it is come, please refer to medical institution beforehand.
※ It is Yokohama-shi designated medical institution information as of January 1, 2021.
※ We update designated medical institution information sequentially.

List of designated medical institutions (as of 2021/1/1)
Zip codeNameThe locationTelephoneIn-vitro fertilizationMicro insemination
225-0011Garden city Lady's clinic (the outside site)

1-5-1, Azamino, Aoba-ku

221-0822Kanagawa Lady's clinic (the outside site)1-11-5, Nishikanagawa, Kanagawa-ku
ARTVISTA Yokohama Building 6F
222-0021Kikuna West Exit Clinic (the outside site)1-3-33, Shinoharakita, Kouhoku-ku045-401-6444**
222-0033A molar clinic (the outside site)3-20-3, Shinyokohama, Kouhoku-ku
The seventh floor of ribasaidobiru
244-0801Fukuda women's clinic (the outside site)549-2, Shinanocho, Totsuka-ku
Miyake Building 7F
232-0024Public university corporation Yokohama City University Medical Center (the outside site)4-57, Urafunecho, Minami-ku045-261-5656**
224-0032CM port clinic (the outside site)50-17, Chigasakichuo, Tsuzuki-ku045-948-3761**
230-0012Saiseikai Yokohamashi Tobu Hospital (the outside site)3-6-1, Shimosueyoshi, Tsurumi-ku045-576-3000**
220-0012Minato Mirai dream clinic (the outside site)3-6-3, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku
MM park building 2F
231-0012Basyamichi Lady's clinic (the outside site)4-65-3, Aioicho, Naka-ku
Basyamichi medical square 5F
225-0003Obstetrics and gynaecology clinic cherry tree (the outside site)2-9-3, Shinishikawa, Aoba-ku045-911-9936**
233-0001Tojo ART clinic (the outside site)1-12-13, Kamiookahigashi, Kounan-ku045-841-0501**
221-0835Yokohama HART clinic (the outside site)3-32-13, Tsuruyacho, Kanagawa-ku
Second Yasuda Building the seventh floor
222-0033nakamura art clinic (the outside site)2-5-14, Shinyokohama, Kouhoku-ku
WISE NEXT 9F, Shinyokohama
221-0065Waist Obstetrics and gynaecology (the outside site)71-8, Hakuraku, Kanagawa-ku045-432-2525**
231-0062Medical park Yokohama (the outside site)

1-1-8, Sakuragicho, Naka-ku Nisseki the fourth floor of Yokohama Building


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