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Check ups for Infants and Toddlers

Final update date April 6, 2021

About infant medical examination (4 months old child, 1 year 6 months old child, 3 years old child) that we carry out in ward office

 Infant medical examinations (4 months old, 1 year and 6 months old, 3 years old) carried out at the ward office are carried out after taking measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
Infant health checkups are an opportunity to check your child's growth at the milestone of growth and support child-rearing, and it is important to have them take a better time.

In order to have a safe medical examination,

 In carrying out infant medical examination in ward office, we perform three dense measures by limit of the number of people to be consulted once and environmental maintenance, infection prevention measures.
 Please cooperate as follows when consulting.
(1) If you have a cold, fever of 37.5 degrees or more, or an acute rash, please refrain from consulting.
(2) Please refrain from consulting not only children who are subject to medical examinations but also if your family has symptoms such as fever or cough.
(3) When visiting the office, please cooperate in preventing infection such as wearing a mask (family) and hand washing.
(4) At the medical examination site, temperature and physical condition are checked before entering.
(5) Please help us to take out used diapers.

Information on Check ups for Infants and Toddlers's Information for Each Month

About medical examination (special correspondence) in medical institution

※※The consultation period for medical examinations (exceptional measures) at medical institutions has ended on March 31, 2021.

Contact information

Health and Welfare Center-Children and Families Support Division
WardPhone numberWardPhone number
Tsurumi Ward045-510-1850Kanazawa Ward045-788-7785
Kanagawa Ward045-411-7111Kohoku Ward045-540-2340
Nishi Ward045-320-8468Midori Ward045-930-2361
Naka Ward045-2244-8172Aoba Ward045-978-2456
Minami Ward045-341-1148Tsuzuki Ward  045-948-2318
Konan Ward045-847-8410Totsuka Ward045-8686-4666
Hodogaya Ward045-334-63323Sakae Ward045-894-8410
Asahi Ward045-954-6150Izumi Ward045-800-2448
Isogo Ward045-750-2448Seya Ward045-367-5748

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