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Foster parent support

Last update date July 27, 2018

If it is given elementary school student in trust, it is important for both foster parent and elementary school student to receive support of various engines.
In Yokohama-shi, we offer the following support and support foster parent family. In addition, local related organizations support foster parent family, too.
It is important to utilize various support without holding alone.

Foster parent support contents

○Support, role of children's guidance office
Juvenile welfare commissioner and member of foster parent-adaptive specialty snuggle up to foster parent after the trust from all over the interchange before trust, and they support through home visit or interview.

○The expense of bringing up children
When elementary school student is entrusted with, expense, medical expenses affecting cost of living and kindergarten, school of elementary school student are paid. According to age of elementary school student, school school lunch fee and club activities costs, cram school costs may be paid.
In addition, specialized foster parent is paid foster parent allowance nurture foster parent.

○Foster parent compensation for damages liability insurance
For accident to produce elementary school student during trust, we join compensation for damages liability insurance with burden of Yokohama-shi.

When we cannot bring up elementary school student for ceremonial occasion or disease, it is system to take elementary school student in infant home and elementary school student nursing home, other foster parent families. It is available until seven days a year per 1 home.

○Foster parent nurture support business
We dispatch housework helper as burden reduction, resupaito of foster parent. It is system to help with preparations for meal and housework such as tidying up, cleaning, washing. As for (from 9:00 to 17:00), as for (from 17:00 to 22:00), it is available free by night in the daytime until 30 hours a year until 96 hours a year.

Foster parent support organization

kodomomirai Yokohama (foster parent society) (the outside site)

○Infant home where member of counselor and foster parent fixed-job worker specialized in foster parent support is placed and elementary school student nursing home

Elementary school student home support center

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