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With foster-parent system

Last update date March 27, 2019

Enough love is necessary so that child grows up in good health. However, children who cannot live by various circumstances such as disease and death of spouse , divorce, abuse of parent at home are. "Foster-parent system" is "system for child" based on the Child Welfare Law which receives such children in home, and has you bring up with love as member of family.
It is very important for growth of child to live in domestic warm love and atmosphere. At foster parent home, we receive such children as member of family and have you bring up each child with love carefully.

Social nursing and foster-parent system

It is words of the Children's Charter, and, also, Child Welfare Law Article 2 provides, "country and local public entity take responsibility that mind and body bring up elementary school student with protector of elementary school student in good health together" that "all elementary school student is brought up with right love and knowledge and technique at home, and family is given environment as a substitute for this in underprivileged elementary school student". Such a society assumes system of prepared nurture environment social nursing.
Foster-parent system is "system for child" placed as one of the systems of this social nursing, too.

Foster parent classification

Foster parent has four classification, and we are entrusted suitable foster parent by the situation of child.

Foster parent who brings up child of various situation that cannot live at 1 Yokohama port family ... home
(nurture foster parent) It is foster parent becoming the core of foster-parent system and recruits nurture foster parents positively in Yokohama-shi!

Foster parent who brings up child assuming 2 marriage foster parent ... special adoption

Foster parent when 3 relative foster parent ... parents die, and grandparents and elder brother and elder sister bring up child in cases such as disappearance

Foster parent who brings up child with knowledge that is more specialized than foster parent ... nurture foster parent specialized in 4

※Friend home
We receive elementary school student during facility entrance in home during the weekend and long vacation and, like uncle, woman of relative, are Yokohama-shi's original system experiencing to spend at home. As structure of system is different from foster-parent system, please consult with children's guidance office having jurisdiction over ward to live about person interested in friend home.

Requirements to become foster parent

Special qualification is not necessary, but it is necessary to meet constant requirements.
※Person had foster parent application of and person lived together meeting requirements of all next

1 child has understanding, and have enthusiasm and love for nurture

2 mind and body being age appropriate for nurture of child with health together

Family life that has enough income and house so as not to have problem in nurture of 3 children, and is healthy, and is bright being run (there are no requirements of income about relative foster parent)

Not being 4 adulthood wards or cover conservator (lodger is excluded)

Not being during the execution or the whole stay of execution period by punishment that is beyond 5 imprisonment

It is during the execution or thing that is not during stay of execution period by punishment that it is fine or more by regulations of law about 6 Child Welfare Law, elementary school student prostitution, punishment such as acts to affect child porno and protection of elementary school student and law about welfare of other people

You do not abuse child abuse prescribed in law Article 2 about prevention of 7 child abuse or cover measures elementary school student or do not perform remarkably inappropriate act about the welfare of elementary school student

We meet the above-mentioned requirements and, in deference to individuality of child, recruit bringing up with enthusiasm and love!

Flow before being authorized as foster parent

 Please consult with children's guidance office having jurisdiction over ward to live about person interested in foster-parent system.
 We inform about foster-parent system briefing session and the training.
 ※As participation in foster-parent system briefing session is arbitrary, but foster parent is opportunity when we can hear experiences of worked on,
 We recommend that we have you participate beforehand.
 You may have you participate in foster-parent system briefing session before consultation to children's guidance office. (in the foster-parent system information page of briefing session this)

Flow until foster parent authorization

 We inform person interested in 1 foster-parent system about foster-parent system briefing session and the training.
 We perform lecture and visit to elementary school student nursing home in 2 one day, and foster-parent system and social nursing learn about necessary elementary school student.
 To the attendance situation of 3 training, we carry out interview or home visit.
 We learn relation with children in training in protection place at 4 infant homes and children's guidance office 1:00. Training period is 3-10 days.
 We wear knowledge that is necessary for lecture of 5 two days as foster parents such as body, heart of foster-parent system and child, relation with flow and real parents of nurture.
 The Mayor of Yokohama recognizes foster parent being to when we examine whether it is suitable as foster parent by Yokohama-shi Child Welfare Council foster parent sectional meeting after examination by 6 children's guidance office and are approved.

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