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About mask distribution to pregnant woman

Last update date August 1, 2020

About the end of the distribution of mask for pregnant women (July 21, 2020 publication)

As there was notification of effect to for October, 2020 from country by distribution of mask, Yokohama-shi is finished by mask distribution to for in October, 2020.

About mask distribution to pregnant woman

As new coronavirus infectious disease measures, we distribute mask made of collective cloth which we purchased free from Yokohama-shi in the country.
It is necessary to plan the infection prevention even more that it is necessary for pregnant woman to be careful about physical condition management in particular and may be aggravated when generally pregnant woman suffers from pneumonia.

  • I hand at the time of the pregnancy report in each ward office Children and Families Support Division.

About application of mask distribution

We accepted application that you wish to distribute to by electronic application system, but acceptance by electronic application system was finished on July 31, 2020.
When you want mask distribution, we hand share until October, 2020 at window of living ward office Children and Families Support Division after August, 2020 (two pieces of masks per January). In addition, distribution of mask becomes the end in the end of October, 2020.

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