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Bookmarks for single-parent families

Final update date September 4, 2020

a single parent's bookmark

The bookmarks for single parents summarize the outline of the welfare system related to mother and child families, father and son families and widows.
For more information, please contact each department.

Link collection

We link to information page about system published in bookmark of single-parent home.
(We may link to outside site except Yokohama-shi.)
For more information about the system, contact your department.

Financial support


Child Raising Allowance

Child Allowance

medical expenses

medical expenses subsidies for single-parent homes

Subsidies for Medical Expenses for Pediatric Treatment


Mother and Child Widows Welfare Fund

Life welfare fund (outside site)

Reduction of taxes

Special ticket

JR commuter pass discount

Reduction of taxes on water charges

Reduction of oversized garbage processing fee reduction

Life Support

Daily life support project (helper dispatch)

social security

Living poor support system

■New welfare time deposit (please contact each financial institution directly.)

Child care support

Custody place

nursery school

Temporary custody of infants

Yokohama child care support system (outside site)

After School Kids Club

After-School Care Program Clubs

Special Needs School is Mako Fureai School

■Short-term childcare support project (short stay, holiday custody, twilight stay) (Preliminary consultation and registration at your ward office or children's guidance office is required for use.)

Educational Expenses

Subsidies for School Expenses

■High school enrollment support

・Municipal high school (please refer to Board of Education school support, local cooperation section.)

Prefectural school (outside site)

Private high school (outside site)

■Reduction of high school examination fees and some assistance

・Municipal high school (please refer to Board of Education school support, local cooperation section directly.)

Prefectural school (outside site)

Private high school (outside site)

■High school student enrollment benefits

National Government (outside site)

Private (external site)

Yokohama City High School Scholarship


Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) scholarships (external site)

High School Scholarship (External Site)

Consultation about children

■Child, home support consultation (please refer to each ward Children and Families Support Division where you live.)

Yokohama child care partner (please refer to each ward area child care support base.)

Education Counseling of Children (Telephone Consultation) Education General Consultation Center

children's guidance office

Notification and consultation regarding child abuse Yokohama Child Abuse Hotline

Youth Consultation Center


Single parent support Yokohama (outside site)

■Related organizations (we provide various courses and consultations on women's employment.)

Gender Equality Center Yokohama (outside site)

Gender Equality Center Yokohama south (outside site)

Gender Equality Center Yokohama North (outside site)

Public Employment Security Office (outside site)

Employment consultation and support

Vocational training

Mother and child family independence support benefit business

Housing and facilities

■Public housing

Municipal Housing

Prefecture Housing (outside site)

Child care

■Maternal and child life support facility (please refer to ward Health and Welfare Center Children and Families Support Division directly.)

■Yokohama Municipal Housing Security

Safety Net Housing


Consumer Affairs Committee and Children's Committee

■Other consultation

Gender equality center Yokohama "telephone consultation of heart and body and way of life" (outside site)

■Legal consultation by lawyers

Civic Affairs Bureau Citizens' Counseling

Law Terrace Kanagawa (outside site)

For unmarried people

No widow (husband) deduction applies

To divorce

Visit exchange support (outside site)

To death of spouse

National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) (Basic Pension for Survivors

Employees' pension plan

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