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The mother and the child father and son widow welfare fund

Last update date August 3, 2020

The mother and the child father and son widow welfare fund is loan system for independence support of family of mother and child and motherless family.

Even if it is done application, note 1 loans by examination, and there may not be.

As note 2 is system to have you repay in the future, please put up debt, return plan that there is not of unreasonableness.

Yokohama-shi mother and the child father and son widow welfare fund loan table (PDF: 115KB)


Repayment when we got study support new system from April, 2020 is made mandatory

Study support new system (as follows "new system") of higher education was enforced on April 1, 2020.
In new system, supply of reduction of taxes and payment type scholarship such as the tuition is carried out targeting at students of residence tax tax exemption household and household according to that.
When we receive this reduction of taxes and supply, in sums that received advance, we will have you return within six months from day when you received each payment about sum equivalent to the amount of reduction of taxes and the amount of payment such as the tuition by new system of payment type scholarship.
When payment and return by new system are performed in proposed to payment type scholarships by new system, please let know in ward Children and Families Support Division living immediately.

Eligible people

It is person who can receive loan and the mother and the child father and son widow welfare fund (study fund, attendance at school preparations fund) which can catch loan after 2020 as of April, 2020

When return is necessary

About case that return is necessary for, please see the following examples.
When return is necessary (PDF: 72KB)

The details about new system

As for the details about new system, please see the following pages.
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology special homepage "supports feeling to want to study" (the outside site)

Procedure for advance


At the top in living ward office Health and Welfare Center caseworker about various problems in loan and life depending on consultation say, and include.
At first, please consult.

Note 1 bring copying of withholding slip of applicant or decision report.
(when it is not worked, it is unnecessary.)

Repayment (return) of our fund loans case such as there being remaining a large amount of debt (other loans), and there is not note 2.

When expense that is going to already receive advance has been paid, we loan, and there is not note 3.
(but, about removal fund and medical care fund, we may finish loaning even after payment.)

Person who can apply for advance of fund

  • Family of mother and child which supports child in men without woman, spouse without spouse including father of mother, motherless family
  • Person who was mother of family of mother and child once

About loanee

When we receive advance of fund concerned with child, mother or father or child becomes loanee (tenant).
Please confirm the details in ward office Health and Welfare Center which becomes loanee because application procedures are different.

  • Loanee in the case of mother state or father state
    Solidarity loanee does not need child, joint surety
  • Loanee in the case of child
    Solidarity loanee is unnecessary, and joint surety (with ability for guarantee) is necessary

About joint surety

When joint surety is necessary, it may be unnecessary for advance.
Please confirm the details in ward office Health and Welfare Center.
Joint surety needs requirements of, following.

  • Being under 20 years or older 60 years old
  • Being living different from applicant
  • Being person from living center
  • There is ability for guarantee
  • Being in duty form that it follow regular staff or that
  • Being living in principle Yokohama-shi
  • Not receiving advance of this fund


Please submit with required documents such as applications together after the need of this fund borrowing was confirmed by consultation.

Required documents

  • Copy of withholding slip of applicant or decision report
  • Application, signed acknowledgment of a debt, bill (there is paper in ward office.)
  • All certificate of family register or the family register matter certificate, Seal Registration Certificate, proof (when we attach copy of Child Raising Allowance paper omissible) of local welfare officer of being the mother and the child, investigation written consent
  • Seal Registration Certificate such as copies of withholding slip of joint surety or decision report, investigation written consent (when we do not put up joint surety, we do not need)

When child becomes applicant note 1, all Seal Registration Certificate, written consent, certificate of family register of child or the family register matter certificate (that we had you submit from mother, in the case of the contents, omissible) is necessary separately.
Mention of my number of applicant (loanee) is necessary for application note 2.
At the time of application of applicant or please bring [) and identity verification material for notice card (my number confirmation] [personal number card].
We use personal number of applicant for "use of individual number desk work" to establish in "law about the use of number to distinguish authorized individual in administrative procedure" (the mother and the child father and son widow welfare fund loan desk work).


We examine submitted application documents.
By examination, we loan and may not do it.
When we put up repayment capacity, joint surety of applicant, we examine ability for guarantee of joint surety chiefly.

Note: In examination, we may ask for additional submission of documents.


We tell applicant and joint surety about the right or wrong of advance and transfer loan to account of applicant.

  • Decision transfers on the end of the month of application. (it may take by contents of documents until the end of the month.)
  • About each fund of business start, business continuation, house, there is examination of "loan examination committee" in addition to documents examination.
    Application needs business plan, contract dossier of store other than the required documents mentioned above. (it takes approximately 6 months before decision from consultation.)

Method of return

During period set every fund, please pay back in one of monthly installment plan, half paying by annual installments, the paying by annual installments.
It should be return by direct debit of financial institution.

When it is not paid note 1 by deadline of the delivery, we collect cancelation cost.

When loanee is behind with, note 2 requests from solidarity loanee and joint surety.
(solidarity loanee and joint surety bear return duty that is equal to loanee.)

We entrust with payment information with "telephone payment information center", the lawyer collection about some credit that is behind with with note 3 is Yokohama-shi.

Contact information

To living ward office Health and Welfare Center or city hall Child and Youth Bureau child family section

Ward office Health and Welfare Center Phone number


Phone numberWardPhone number
Tsurumi Ward045-510-1839Kanazawa Ward045-788-7772
Kanagawa Ward045-411-7113Kohoku Ward045-540-2320
Nishi Ward045-320-8467Midori Ward045-930-2309
Naka Ward045-224-8171Aoba Ward045-978-2457
Minami Ward045-341-1152Tsuzuki Ward  045-948-2321
Konan Ward045-847-8457Izumi Ward045-800-2448
Hodogaya Ward045-334-6353Sakae Ward045-894-8959
Asahi Ward045-954-6117Totsuka Ward045-866-8468
Isogo Ward045-750-2475Seya Ward045-367-5703
  • Child and Youth Bureau child family section Phone number: 045-671-2395

Opinion open call for participants procedure (2018 conduct) to affect rules

About opinion open call for participants result to affect some revisions of the mother and the child and father and son and widow welfare method detailed enforcement regulations

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