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"Puku Sapo" (Single-parent household food support business food provision society)

Final update date July 29, 2020

I started "Puku Sapo".

Provide food provided by food bank organizations to single-parent households, and provide “Puku Sapo” (food provision for single-parent households) with home support and cooperation in reducing food loss. To do.
Single-parent households also said, "If you eat it, food loss reduction supporters!" Please join us!


Members of a single-parent household with a Address

Foods to be offered

Foods such as staple foods and side dishes provided by food bank organizations
※ We plan to provide food to 60 households for one implementation of Pak Sapo. However, the number of households that can be provided may decrease depending on the amount of food provided by food bank organizations.

Application method and implementation schedule

If you wish to provide food, we will inform you on the website of the Yokohama City Mother and Child Widows Welfare Association about the application for participation and the schedule of Paku Sapo.
Participation in Pak Sapo is a first-come, first-served basis.
Application for participation and implementation → Yokohama-shi mother and child widow welfare society homepage (outside site)
※Please note that if the use of the venue becomes difficult due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, it may be canceled.

How to receive food

Please come to the venue of "Puku Sapo" where you applied for participation and hand it over.
※On the day, please bring something that shows that you are a single parent. (For details, see the application form.)

Scheduled implementation of Pak Sapo

We carry out every month in each city ward from August, 2020 to March, 2021.

For inquiries

Peku Sapo is operated by the Yokohama City Mother and Child Widows Welfare Association as a business trustee. For inquiries regarding applications, etc., please contact the association.
Yokohama-shi mother and child widow welfare society (outside site) telephone: 045-947-4625

Please cooperate with Pak Sapo!

Puku Sapo is made up of food provided by food banking organizations.
Food banking organizations accept foods that are not expected to be consumed at home (unopened foods that can be stored at room temperature and have a shelf life of approximately two months or more) and accept donations of food from companies. (In particular, the demand for rice is high.)
If you are considering donating food or supporting food, please contact the food bank organization that has cooperated with Pak Sapo and cooperate.

[Puku Sapo Cooperating Food Bank Group]

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Telephone: 045-671-239090

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