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"paku sapo" (single-parent household foods support business food offer society)

Last update date July 29, 2020

We began "paku sapo"

We provide food which caught offer from food bank group toward the single-parent household and carry out "paku sapo" having cooperation to reduction of support and food loss of home (food offer society to single-parent household).
As for single-parent household all of you if "eat at one gulp food loss reduction supporter!" Please participate!

Participation eligible people

Member of household of single-parent household having Address in Yokohama-shi

Is going to provide; food

Food such as staple food or side dishes provided by food bank group
※ About conduct of paku sapo one time, we plan food offer to 60 households. But the number of the households which can be provided by quantity of food provided by food bank group may decrease.

And we are going to carry out application method

As for the conduct plan of reception desk yapaku sapo of participation application when offer is hoped for for food, we guide on homepage of the Yokohama-shi mother and the child widow welfare society.
Participation in paku sapo is prior application system by the first arrival every participation time.
Participation application, conduct plan → The Yokohama-shi mother and the child widow welfare society homepage (the outside site)
※Under the influence of new coronavirus infectious disease, please note that cases that came to have difficulty in use of venue may be called off out of necessity.

How to receive food

I have you arrive to conduct venue of "paku sapo" proposed participation to and hand.
※You have thing found to be single-parent on that day. (as for the details, please see application form.)

We are going to carry out paku sapo

We carry out every month in each city ward from August, 2020 to March, 2021.


The Yokohama-shi mother and the child widow welfare society runs paku sapo as business trustee. Please inform of inquiry about applications to the meeting
The Yokohama-shi mother and the child widow welfare society (the outside site) telephone: 045-947-4625

Please cooperate with paku sapo!

paku sapo consists of food provided by food bank group.
In food bank group, we accept contribution of food from acceptance or company of food (unopened food which can preserve at room temperature, and almost has the expiration date more than two months) not to consume at home with possibility. (demand for rice in particular is in the high situation)
When he/she thinks of support of contribution and meal of food, cooperation, please after inquiry to food bank group having paku sapo cooperate.

[paku sapo cooperation food bank group]

* Food bank Kanagawa (the outside site) (2-4-45, Tomiokahigashi, Kanazawa-ku) telephone 045-349-5803

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