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For child care not to depend on physical punishment

Last update date October 20, 2020

 Legal revised law such as the Child Welfare Law being passed in June, 2019, and pro-incarnation not having to add physical punishment on discipline of elementary school student; was become and was enforced in April, 2020.

○ The details are this
  In society supporting childcare with ... all for child care not to depend on physical punishment ... (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) (the outside site)

Are you not doing such a thing?

 ・As we did not listen to though we were careful by words many times, we beat cheeks
 ・As we went into mischief, we let you sit straight for a long time
 ・As we did not do our homework, we did not give dinner

 ▶▶▶ It is all physical punishment.

Why is physical punishment prohibited?

 When physical punishment is repeated, various adverse effects may occur for mental and physical growth, development of child.


 Yourself "contact by all means without being troubled alone if think of to whether have done physical punishment.

 ○ Consultation: Each Health and Welfare Center (ward office)

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