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LINE consultation for child abuse prevention

Last update date June 26, 2020

Yokohama-shi and Kanagawa, Kawasaki-shi, Sagamihara-shi and Yokosuka-shi fix "agreement affecting child abuse prevention SNS consultation business" on June 26 and jointly carry out "Kanagawa child home 110th consultation LINE" from July 1. In whole Kanagawa of child abuse prevent, and work on correspondence in early detection, early stage.

Kanagawa child home 110th consultation LINE

We accept consultation about trouble of parent-child relationship and family, child including anxiety of child care free.
Let alone protector, we look forward to consultation from children.

For example, it is such a consultation from child
"We do not get along with each other and do not want to be at home of parents"
"We are troubled with relations with parent"

For example, it is such a consultation from protector
"We were tired from child care…We want somebody to hear story"
"We are irritated, and hand seems to be given to just child…"

Time ... which wants somebody to hear when we are in trouble when we are troubled. Please feel free to contact without being troubled with slight thing alone.

Consultation Reception hours

From 9:00 to 20:00 (except New Year holidays) of Monday through Saturday


Child, protector living in the prefecture

Friend registration is this

From LINE search

Search by search of home screen of LINE application in ID "@kana_kodomo110" and add.
※It is not "friend search" function.

From "two-dimensional cord"

From smartphone


We have you read before the use by all means and ask you to begin consultation after having had you understand.
About secret of consultation contents
 ・We can talk by anonymity (only as for registration name and the icon image on LINE).
 ・We keep secret by all means. Without your hope and agreement, we may not release personal information and consultation contents to third party.
  But, in the case of emergency, it is the police, related organizations when we judged that we are in danger for body and life of child concerned with you and consultation contents
  We inform of doni and may ensure the security of you and child.
 ・Consultation content may inflect in inspection of public announcement and business of the results after having processed information so that individual cannot identify.
From consultant about gleanings
 ・We manage gleanings from you appropriately and do not use other than the inspection of the measurement and problem of effect.
Correspondence at the time of congestion
 ・In rush hours, we may not accept consultation. Please send message some other time after doing for a while. When consultation centers
  Please note that we are consulted on the day, and this may not be put.
 ・When you want to talk hastily, please use telephone consultation.
 ・When we stop consultation, please let counselor know so. Terminate consultation once even if you wait for around ten minutes when there is not answer
  We may have. In that case, please consult some other time when it is convenient.
 ・About reply contents, we are doing "team correspondence" while sharing in several counselors. After understanding, it is consultation kudasa
  i. Another counselor may cope once when we have you send message again after having finished consultation. ("last zoku
  If you come and can offer the dearu effect, we will cope after checking the exchanges.)
 ・We cannot cope with the use such as mischief out of the purpose and consultation of judged contents.
 ・We transfer consultation contents and consultation screen to other place without permission and cannot reprint.

Consultation over telephone

Consultation day of LINE consultation, consultation reception desk overtime, please use telephone consultation.

Yokohama child abuse hot line (24 hours toll free number)

"Oh, please learn with true child 24 hours".

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Child and Youth Bureau child family section child abuse, DV measures charge

Telephone: 045-671-4288

Telephone: 045-671-4288

Fax: 045-681-0925

E-Mail address [email protected]

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