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Introduction of enlightenment cooperation company, group

Last update date March 6, 2019

"The regulations to protect Yokohama-shi child from abuse" were enforced in November, 2014.

In the regulations, we call child and protector as role of local everybody and say that we want you to act local, to watch not to make any standing alone.

It is quite good, and, let alone protector whom it abuses, it does not come that abused child calls for help by oneself.
To protect child from abuse, of neighboring everybodies "notice", and is running out of gatotemo University.

We post "child abuse prevention enlightenment poster" on public institutions to have you give information to local everybody in Yokohama-shi.

In addition, we have company and group which had you approve of purpose of the regulations post poster and have you give opportunity of enlightenment.
We introduce company and group having you cooperate with public information enlightenment here.

※Random order

Enlightenment cooperation company, list of groups
Cooperation contentsGroup, company name
Poster notice in garden

Kanazawa Zoo (the outside site)
Yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA (the outside site)
Nogeyama Zoo (the outside site)

In facility
Poster notice
Yokohama furiesupotsukurabu (Yokohama FC) (the outside site)
In facility
Poster notice
In Nissan Stadium
Enlightenment event cooperation
Yokohama F. Marinos (the outside site)
In Keikyu Department Store
Enlightenment event cooperation
Keikyu Department Store (the outside site)
2015 BAY garden
Enlightenment event cooperation in this
"hamasuta Bay garden" executive committee
Yokohama Stadium (the outside site)
Yokohama DeNA BayStars (the outside site)
In docomo shop
Poster notice
docomo CS (the outside site)
In happy Lawson
Panel of character
Happy Lawson (the outside site)
※We think that we can support child care,
Store which supports child care family
Fried chicken
In (the city 41 store)
Put; and leaflet
KFC Holdings Japan Ltd. (the outside site)
※On "day of prevention of child abuse promotion" of every month 5th,
We distribute leaflet
It is leaflet to customer
Such as distribution, employee
Orange ribbon wearing
Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. Japan national policy for the rise of Asia (the outside site)
※With "prevention of abuse month" of November
On "day of prevention of child abuse promotion" of every month 5th,
Employees wear orange ribbon

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