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About 2012 child abuse measures cooperation reinforcement project report

Last update date March 6, 2019


In Yokohama-shi, we set up "child abuse measures project" that crossed ward station in agency in 2010 and compile report and work on eight measures as "child abuse measures" chiefly from 2011.

Ward Children and Families Support Division and children's guidance office take the core of support in child abuse correspondence, and, from difference of legal authority and position of each engine, difference may occur in directionality of support such as how to catch or support contents of risk of example.
It is necessary to cope appropriately so that such a difference is interval of engine, and support does not leak to realize common aim, "following command of child" "supports protector having anxiety for child care".

Therefore, in October, 2012, we installed project led by the staff of ward Children and Families Support Division and children's guidance office and, for the purpose of further promoting child abuse measures by cooperation reinforcement of both engines, repeated examination and gathered up report.
We include concrete countermeasure proposed in this report in eight measures of "child abuse measures" and it lasts and will promote integrally in future.

Summary of report

(1)As ward and basic concept in cooperation with children's guidance office, "both sides are partners of support",
By "collaboration utilized each role", we aim at realization of "restructure of role".

(2)As direction of correspondence and concrete countermeasure the "role of one ward and children's guidance office" "2 cases of management"
We considered in five items of "assistance measures that 3 should work" on "4 personnel training" "system maintenance for 5 cooperation promotion".

(3)For further enhancement, we examined problem in legal system and support of school age.

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