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About child abuse measures project report (March, 2011 issuance)

Last update date March 6, 2019

We discussed measures in agency while getting abuse death example and injury example by abuse of Totsuka Ward that happened for Kohoku Ward, and standing on opinion by hearing or the outside well-informed person to related organizations after start in September, 2010 with it was "child abuse measures project". We report as we compiled report.

We will push forward measures along this report in future. In addition, we perform correspondence and examination to change of social conditions sequentially.

Five viewpoints to child abuse measures

To follow life and dignity of child,
(1)It is coped with abuse quickness appropriately
(2)Prevention of recurrence of abuse
(3)We check shift to abuse
(4)We prevent outbreak of abuse
(5)We cope with abuse systematically
We examined measures in five viewpoints called this.

Three child care layer and necessary support

State of child care,
(1)The healthy upbringing layer
(2)The childcare anxiety layer, high risk layer
(3)The abuse layer
Healthy child care was possible and did that it was necessary to perform necessary support to each layer with common recognition in peace after having classified in three layers of this and pushed forward discussion.

Eight measures

(1)Improvement of assistance measures
By being enriched by assistance measures such as ward or nursery school, keep security of child.
(2)Maintenance and reinforcement of the system
Including ward, children's guidance office, school taking the center of support, we strengthen the system to promote measure.

(3)Reinforcement of organized correspondence
We perform setting and clarification of rule about revision and ward of manual and organized correspondence including clarification of role of children's guidance office.

(4)Personnel training
In addition to ward and specialty reinforcement of children's guidance office, we review the training to related organizations and are enriched.

(5)Cooperation reinforcement between related organizations
Making of "joint ownership rank" to express degree such as maintenance or abuse of cooperation meeting for information sharing strengthens cooperation between related organizations.

(6)Promotion of social nursing
We strengthen the system supporting elementary school student by maintenance of elementary school student nursing home socially.

(7)Reinforcement of public information enlightenment
We perform civic enlightenment meeting eyes such as enlightenment at municipal bus or station.

(8)Promotion of local child care support project
For reduction worried about childcare, we perform maintenance of local child care support base.

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