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About conduct of urgent confirmation of child with possibility of 4-6-year-old mishuento

Last update date March 7, 2019

Purpose of investigation
"Emergency synthesis measures for reinforcement of child abuse prevention measures" were "cabinet meetings about child abuse prevention measures" and were decided that 5-year-old girl who occurred in Meguro-ku, Tokyo in March, 2018 was ill-treated and coped with thing passed away and child abuse to increase year by year.
We received this, and (0720 No. 2 at the July 20, 2018 number of days for) was shown by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare about "urgent general measures for reinforcement of child abuse prevention measures", and it was said that we carried out "urgent grasp such as infants medical examination non-testees".
(from the July 20, 2018 childs 0720 No. 3) was shown about "infants medical examination non-testee, mishuenji, conduct of urgent grasp of nonattendance my woman", and, about this urgent grasp, it was decided to confirm security of all children that the municipalities and related organizations could not confirm security. In Yokohama-shi, we confirmed as the Child Welfare Law Article 10 Paragraph 1 first and investigation into No. 3.

  • Child Welfare Law Article 10 Paragraph 1 No. 1 and No. 3
  • 4 of law Article 13 about prevention of child abuse
  • The Law of the Basic Resident Registers Article 34 Paragraph 3

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