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Guidance of hometown tax "improvement of instructional activity"

Last update date January 4, 2021

With "improvement of instructional activity" (hometown tax)

In Yokohama city school, 270,000 children learn.
Donation that we had from so that education environment of children becomes more substantial thing is school of hope ※It inflects in the article purchase, improvement of extracurricular activities of this.
For children carrying the future of Yokohama, do you not support school together?
※When you propose contribution, please appoint school in the contribution. Please choose among this Yokohama city school list.
※Contribution of personal person for Yokohama-shi becomes a target of tax credit as "hometown tax".

Please be careful!

Site that pretended that we deal with hometown tax in discount is discovered,
As there are not relations with hometown tax to Yokohama-shi at all, please be careful.

Donor who had you contribute certain amount or more can have you choose no return favor grade in "Yokohama Nara" like "Yokohama". For more details, please refer to the following material.
List of return favor grades
※About contribution from to live by revisions of Local Tax Law in Yokohama-shi from June 1, 2019 to Motoichi, we do not send return favor product.

Method of contribution

Application with contribution application

You download "contribution application", and, after filling out required items, apply by mail or fax, E-mail.
Contribution application (individual) (PDF: 951KB)
Contribution application (corporation, group) (PDF: 524KB)

Destination: Person in charge of City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat secretariat General Affairs Division accounting

Address: 〒 231-0005 6-50-10, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
FAX number: 045-663-5547
E-mail: [email protected]

Payment of contribution

We send payment notice as soon as we confirm application for contribution in the case of application than contribution application.
※In the case of payment, apply by credit cards from page of hometown tax portal site "hometown choice".
※As you cannot send return favor grade when I receive contribution from residence in Yokohama-shi and corporation, group, please be careful.

Tax credit system of donation

・To Tax Division of house ino city and district Nagamura (in the case of Yokohama-shi each ward office), please about subtraction of residence tax.
・To tax office of neighborhood, please about subtraction of income tax.

All of you (only as for the person who had you understand publication) who had contribution

All of you who had contribution

Individual, company, group name

Amount of money (Japanese yen)


Ryuichi Shirahase Non-public announcement Lectern
Minoru Asada Non-public announcement Digital numeric keypad, concert marimba, book
Ryohei Komatsu 20,000 Book
Japan fishing article industry society 12,500 Low tone organ
Yasutaka Narita 200,000  
Toru Konno 10,000 Copier
Anonymity 500,000 Cushion chair, van vina dining
saori handloom, long light bus
Masaru Morimoto Non-public announcement Ion meter
Furubayashi Fumi 300,000 AED
Satoru Hayama Non-public announcement Stairs for gymnasium stage
Shin Ito 10,000 Book
Hidetoshi Ishikawa Non-public announcement Tablet charge storing storage chamber
Song of candle friend fans society 100,000 Projector, table, book
Anonymity 30,000 Poster printer
Full house product state 2 million Trombones
Goro Suzuki Non-public announcement Book
Fujishiro Kunitada 500 Digital video camera
Nobuyasu Inamura Non-public announcement NAS
Yasushi Miyakawa Non-public announcement Work top
Anonymity 500,000 Projectors
Hiroki Masumura Non-public announcement Tent, exercises mat
Takeo Asami Non-public announcement Vibraphone
Japan fishing article industry society 20,000 Book
PADO Corporation Machida bureau Non-public announcement Bag for delivery, electronic mini-notebook
Teru Onose Non-public announcement Elementary school student book
Nagano celebration ability state Non-public announcement Basket goal
Kayo Nagano Non-public announcement Basket goal
Yokohama MM21 Rotary Club 100,000 Book
Masaru Morimoto Non-public announcement Sofa
shakaifuku*hojinryokunarikaiyo Non-public announcement School tablet
Katsuki Mishima Non-public announcement Book reading table
Yokohama administrative scrivener center Yuichiro Uchino Non-public announcement Book for library room
Takushi Yoshimiya Non-public announcement Organ
Song of candle friend fans society 100,000 Tablet PC, table for work
Satoshi Suzuki 300,000 Concert bass drum
Yasushi Miyakawa Non-public announcement Work top
Ryoma Morino Non-public announcement Desk chair, set top box for elementary school student
Jun Ueki 10,000 Coupler block
Nobuyasu Inamura Non-public announcement Morning gathering stand
Anonymity 20,000 gurokken
Teru Onose Non-public announcement Book
Naoki Hoshi Non-public announcement Coping saw machine type 3
Akiko Matsumoto Non-public announcement School tablet
ozeshika project Shoko Koyama Non-public announcement Semiconductor laser processing machine for leather
Meeting of blue father Non-public announcement  
Anonymity 500,000  
JFE Engineering Corporation 100,000 Occupation lecture
Hama Elementary School alumni association 209,653 Disaster prevention curtain
Ken Nakayama Non-public announcement School tablet
Takanori Yoshida Non-public announcement The teaching materials Braille device
Mutsukawa Elementary School PTA Non-public announcement Air-conditioner
Fishing article industry society in Japan 14,000  
Song of candle friend fans society 100,000 Sewing machine, tent
Seiji Aoki Non-public announcement  
Shintaro Ishiwata 100,000  
PADO Corporation Non-public announcement Inkjet printer
Minoru Asada Non-public announcement Large blower, extended printer

Yokohama cypress (hinoki) volleyball club's chairperson Minoru Asada

Non-public announcement

Floor mat, eyesight meter

Yokohama administrative scrivener center Yuichiro Uchino Non-public announcement  
Atsuko Miyatani Non-public announcement IH cooker
Tanaka Toshi 120,000 Book
Festival executive committee of the 70th anniversary of Okamura Junior High School Non-public announcement Fully automatic washing machine
Teru Onose 150,000 Bookshelf, book
Masaru Yoshito Non-public announcement Table with top plate center wiring box
Katsuya Yamasuge 10,000  
Laboratory of inner river Non-public announcement Cleaning tool
Yasutaka Narita 1,000,000  
Masao Takita 10,000  
yugenkaishashinkyohanyo 10,000  
tiemusupotsu Non-public announcement  
Grand Koyo Non-public announcement  
Kamoi junior high school alumni association's chairperson Masayoshi Usui Non-public announcement  
Green sports state Non-public announcement  
Mariko Ichihara Non-public announcement Wireless microphone
Takushi Yoshimiya Non-public announcement Tiered stand for dolls for elementary school student announcement
Naoki Hoshi Non-public announcement  
kyu﨑*yo Non-public announcement  
Hiroshi Yamaguchi etiquette state 200,000 LCD television
Keita Munakata Non-public announcement Shading curtain
Sakae 1,000 industry and commerce's representative director Satoshi Chiba 1,000,000 Tiered stand for dolls, tiered stand for dolls storing cart, locker for cleaning, infrared heater
Manabu Kato Non-public announcement Hard disk
Wataru Kitamura 100,000 Ceremony signboard
Ryoma Morino Non-public announcement Press, mailbox
Hiyoshi Tokyu Suzuki Ophthalmology Satoshi Suzuki Non-public announcement Bus organ, TV, picture work drying shelf
Ryuichi Kyuma Non-public announcement  
Yokohama administrative scrivener center Yuichiro Uchino Non-public announcement  
Miki Hamakawa Non-public announcement Cleaning tool
Shigeru Anada Nozomi Non-public announcement

Book for elementary school student

Reiko Mano Non-public announcement Long seat body forward bending meter, grand brush liner
Futoshi Inoue city Non-public announcement Work top for school lunch
ozeshika project Shoko Koyama Non-public announcement  
Jun Ueki 20,000 Certificate of merit tray
Seven miles club Yoshiko Ueyama Non-public announcement  
Tetsuro Setokuchi Non-public announcement  
Takanori Yoshida Non-public announcement  
Japan fishing article industry society 14,000 Book
Teru Onose 50,000 Book
Katsuya Yamasuge 10,000 Press
Masao Takita 10,000 Press
yugenkaishashinkyohanyo 10,000 Press
tiemusupotsu Non-public announcement Press
Grand Koyo Non-public announcement Press
Kamoi junior high school alumni association's chairperson Masayoshi Usui Non-public announcement Press
Green sports state Non-public announcement Press
Jun Ueki 10,000 Book

About inquiry

Thing about Yokohama supporters donation "education environmental enhancement"

Please contact person in charge of City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat secretariat General Affairs Division accounting.

Thing about tax credit system of donation

Please refer to Tax Division of municipality (in the case of Yokohama-shi each ward office) to live for subtraction of residence tax.
About subtraction of income tax, please ask tax office of neighborhood.

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