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School district special approval school system

... that ... school district elasticity recruits people of attendance at school as part of becoming from school district outside the area

Last update date August 30, 2019

With school district special approval school system

 In Yokohama-shi, we adopt "school district system" to enter school appointed in Address.
 "School district special approval school system" recognizes attendance at school from school district outside the area after we hope when protector wants to teach elementary school student, student in characteristic of school district special approval school as this exception, and school confirmed the attending school situation by application and interview.
 In addition, school district special approval school is appointed by compulsory education school.
 ※Method of condition and procedure for attendance at school is this

With compulsory education school

 "Compulsory education school" was added as consistent school class which we educated newly in one principal, one organization for nine years by School Education Act revision (the April, 2016 enforcement) of June, 2015.
 There are course and latter term course of three years equivalent for junior high school stage in the first half year of six years equivalent for elementary school stage.

School which received designation of school district special approval school in 2019

Yokohama City compulsory education school Nishikanazawa school

Basic information of school
The location 4-19-1, Kamariyanishi, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi
Phone number 045-784-0921

Getting off at Keikyu Line Kanazawa-Bunko Station
Getting off at Keikyu bus Nomura house center line "in front of west elementary school" bus stop
A 2-minute walk

Offer summary

Characteristic of education

 In 2017, we founded a school as Yokohama municipal institution's first elementary and junior high school facility one-shaped compulsory education school.
 We aim at upbringing of "child who acquired power that can play an active part in international community" and "it is smooth learns" in instructional activity that used one facility for 9 years and will go for to "rich growth".
Specifically, we act for cancellation of gap in the first year of junior high school by planning invention of the instruction system utilized continuity and specialty of teacher and fluent connection of curriculum.
 In addition, "ability of cross-cultural understanding" "ability to be able to plan communication with cultures" practices promotion of foreign language education to raise global viewpoint and international exchange, area interchange, SDGs education and thinks about nature, ability that we accepted for stages of development and plans enhancement of language (power to exchange).

The details such as education contents

Nishikanazawa school homepage (the outside site)

Offer frame of 2019
(attendance at school from April, 2020)

[the first half year course]
New first grader: 30 people
New second grader: Five people
New third grader: Five people
New fourth grader: Five people

Schedule of school briefing session, school exhibition
Holding place School briefing session schedule Information for school exhibitions

Nishikanazawa school
(4-19-1, Kamariyanishi, Kanazawa-ku)

Saturday, November 23

≪Open school≫
 From Monday, October 7, 2019 to Friday, October 11
≪Athletic meet (5-6 years student)≫
 Thursday, September 19, 2019
 ※Athletic meet (1-4 years student) is conducted
≪We visit in class on Saturday (the first half year course simultaneous class: music festival)≫
 Saturday, October 26, 2019

 ※Participation planned person, please contact school for school briefing session beforehand. Please refer to school for other any unclear points.
 ※We distribute "school district special approval school attendance at school application" to submit to school in the case of application by school briefing session.
 ※When we cannot participate in school briefing session, please consult with school directly by the date.
 ※By car cannot visit a school.

Application period
From the school briefing session date to Friday, December 13, 2019

 ※We may demand necessary submission of documents from protector of child who is older than new second grader other than application.

[reference] The offer results of 2018
School name The last offer frame The number of the applicants The number of the recognizers
Nishikanazawa school The first half year course
25 new first graders
Five new second graders
Five new third graders
Five new fourth graders
23 people 21 people


[thing about school district special approval school system from 2019]
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[thing about school district special approval school system until 2018]
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