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About going to school, leaving school of elementary school student school with announcements of various warnings.

At Yokohama City School, elementary school student students go to school and go to school as follows due to announced weather warnings.

Final update date October 12, 2020

Areas subject to warning announcements

Warnings announced for "Yokohama city" correspond.

Disaster Prevention Information

Disaster information, warning, warning (move to page of General Affairs Bureau (Move to the page of the Emergency Measures Section)

elementary school student students go to school.

About correspondence of school attendance of elementary school student's
Warning name About school attendance
In the case of "heavy rain warning" and "flood warning" without "storm warning", it is the usual school attendance.
Heavy rain warning As long as the school does not contact you with the "home standby", you will be required to go to school as usual.
The school principal determines whether or not to go to school, depending on the situation of each school or community.
Flood Warning
If any of the following five types are still being announced, the response is as follows.
storm warning [Elementary school, junior high school, compulsory education, etc.
 If the announcement is ongoing at 6:00 am, the school will be closed all at once.
[High school (full-time system)]
 Since the school area is different, standards are set for each school.
[High school (night class/night school]
 If the announcement is ongoing at 2:00 pm, the school will be closed all at once.
Heavy Snowfall Warning
Storm snow warning
Special warning
(Heavy rain, storm, high tides, waves, storm snow, heavy snow)
ash fall forecast

When an alarm is announced after going to school

If a "storm warning", "heavy snow warning", "storm snow warning", "special warning", or "fall forecast" is announced after going to school, change elementary school student special warning, and ashfall forecast are announced after school. Take appropriate measures.

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