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Anti-crime program check sheet

Last update date August 15, 2018

Contents and constitution of 1 "anti-crime program check sheet"

There are three kinds of "junior high student business" for "elementary school 4.5.6 school year" for "elementary school 1.2.3 school year" and says with contents constitution that we accepted for stages of development of elementary school student student.

  • [anti-crime program check sheet]
    It is seat which gathered up maps to write in anti-crime program information necessary for question and attending school roads about actions to be taken in crisis scene at.
  • [anti-crime program check sheet commentary for protectors]
    We comment on good use of anti-crime program check sheet at home and the point of instruction.

Purpose of 2 "anti-crime program check sheet"

1 elementary school student student and protector walk area and attending school road together and confirm place or house of acquaintance to be careful about and do with opportunity by to make maps, teach elementary school student student practical anti-crime program action.

You value time for talks at home of 2 elementary school student students and protector, and please check anti-crime program action in that. By confirming promise of way of thinking and action that accepted the place, the way of contact to home, make use for danger evasion.

It does not match purpose of anti-crime program education to fan a sense of fear of elementary school student student for 3 mischief. We shall learn importance of cooperating with thing and community to make use in safely of oneself through knowing anti-crime program activity to protect elementary school student student whom area or school perform concretely.

※Based on social conditions to change, we revised "anti-crime program check sheet". (November, 2015 revision)
Of anti-crime program education learning material "anti-crime program check sheet" (revised edition) utilization ask (PDF: 310KB)

"Anti-crime program check sheet"

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