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About the part-time service school nutrition staff of Yokohama Municipal Elementary Schools

Last update date October 20, 2020

1 adoption type of job

The Yokohama Municipal Elementary Schools part-time service school nutrition staff

★At school where the school nutrition staff is not placed,
It is work to have you perform nutrition administrative task of school lunch.

Subscription for 2 period

We are raising now!

The subscription for 3 number of people

It is around one person in each ward

4 adoption qualifications

Dietician or person having administrative dietitian license qualification

5 period of employment

From April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021

6 duty conditions

Duty place

Yokohama Municipal Elementary Schools (please refer for the details.)

Business content

School lunch nutrition administrative task in Yokohama Municipal Elementary Schools

  1. Individual correspondence (mainly allergic consultation) of elementary school student
  2. Nutrition management (classroom visit, grasp of school lunch residual quantity, original menu making)
  3. Hygiene management (confirmation such as daily life check vote, temporary check table) about school lunch cooking
  4. Support of supplies (school lunch ingredients) ordering
  5. Participation in duties Network (once a month), workshop (at any time)

Working hours

Weekdays of from Monday to Friday, three days a week/less than 18 hours duty per one
 (when we work on account of the event on Saturday, Sunday, we cope on holiday making up for the overlap of holidays on Sunday)
 From 8:15 actual work six hours (except break)
  ※It is osodan about duty day, duty time

Holiday vacation

According to the period of employment, the duty days, we give the scheduled days


Hourly wage 1,408 yen
※We pay (the amount of actual expenses equivalency except case with less than 1km in use means of transportation) for commutation allowance equivalency separately

Request for 7 matter

Person applied for, please submit registration application to "inquiry to this page" point at the time of interview after the contact.

Please print out by duplex printing. 

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