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"Food education in school" of Yokohama-shi

Last update date November 4, 2020

Purpose of 1 food education promotion

Based on "food education fundamental law", "food education basic plan" of country was devised that the nation cultivated healthy mind and body for life by developing food education as people's social campaign strongly and aimed at social realization that could bring up rich human nature, and basic matter to plan general and premeditated promotion of measure about promotion of food education targeting at five years from 2006 was set.
We received this, and food education promotion plan was devised in Motoichi in September, 2010.
We underwent these measures, and children cultivated healthy mind and body for life, and food education in school pushed forward step in conformity with "meal education promotion plan" for bringing up rich human nature steadily from 2006. As a result, unevenness by the year is seen, but the general achievement situation of food education target improves steadily, and dietary habits of elementary school student, student show improvement trend.
However, because tendency to some drops is seen about "rate to eat of breakfast", we review importance of breakfast some other time, and it is necessary to push forward enlightenment to not only school but also home.

Approach of 2 food education

(1)Development of "food education promotion guideline in school"

In City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat, we devised "meal education promotion plan" like the said article and inflected as guide for each school to promote meal education premeditatedly.
In this way, we made concrete plan that we added and education target of each school, instruction contents at school, and there was posture to work on effective instruction that we connected with each subject. In April, 2011, revised edition which fell into line with Yokohama-shi food education promotion plan (H22.9. development) devised "food education promotion plan in school" (plan of from 2011 to 2015).
In addition, "we aimed at realization of the healthy eating habits for life of elementary school student student in basic principles of food education in school and, in March, 2017, devised contributing to mental and physical health promotion and the rich human being formation" and "food education promotion guideline in school" that said in format in accordance with "the second Yokohama-shi food education promotion plan" devised in last year.
We advocated three food education promotion target and eight promotion themes by guideline and set directionality (image of individual aim) and numerical target of measure for each theme.
* Food education promotion guideline (March, 2017 development) in school
The whole (PDF: 2,648KB)
○Food education promotion plan in school (April, 2011 development)
The whole (PDF: 1,136KB)
Cover, table of contents (PDF: 242KB)
Basic way of thinking (PDF: 385KB) of Chapter 1 promotion plan revision
Basic policy (PDF: 356KB) for food education promotion in Chapter 2 school
For food education promotion of the development 1 future of Chapter 3 basics measure (PDF: 281KB)
Improvement of development 2 school lunch, school lunch of Chapter 3 basics measure (PDF: 357KB)
Cooperation (PDF: 260KB) with development 3 home, area of Chapter 3 basics measure
To food education promotion of the times when Chapter 4 is new (PDF: 207KB)
Materials, postscript (PDF: 399KB)

○Findings (PDF: 2,046KB) about meal (H29 year version H30.3 moon issuance)

(2)Holding of food education promotion workshop in school

School report material (PDF: 11,843KB) of 2020 food education workshop
School report (PDF: 4,295KB) of 2019 food education workshop

(3) "Food education practice promotion school"

Toward realization of "upbringing of healthy body" placed as key measure of Motoichi education promotion basic plan, we push forward food education based on "iku*susumikeikaku in school" and "master plan about food education" "food education promotion guideline in school" at each school.
We appointed food education practice promotion school from 2011 to push forward "food education depending on the actual situation of school" in Board of Education and it lasted for two years and sent practice of food education and the result and showed food education promotion model of each school.
We widen possibility of food education in school and appoint promotion school for the purpose of sending approach to be useful in pushing forward food education depending on the actual situation of school in all city schools.

(4)"Food education introduction"

○Food education introduction of nutrition instructor, the school nutrition staff
 The first "plastic inner separator Sui - na and three colors of breakfast"

○We tell and are for food education WEB
Tell about approach about food education of Yokohama city school widely, and is interested about meal, of food education at home would appreciate your referring to.
"We tell and are for food education Web" is this
☆Back number of "news from food education" is this ☆(finished with No. 24 in February, 2016)

○News from middle school edition pakupaku
That student brought up in Yokohama acquires right knowledge about meal and can send the rich eating habits, manner of importance and meal of breakfast,
We publish contents such as food culture.
News from middle school edition pakupaku is this

○Food education dispatch lecture/off site lecture
☆ List of dispatch lecture/off site lecture is this ☆ (PDF: 287KB) (during H30 year version exhibition)

○School lunch recipe (the outside site) to make in house

○Parent and child cooking class (the outside site)

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