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Request for prior consultation that apartment equal sets housing construction requires

Last update date June 16, 2020

Object of report and discussion, adjustment

 When we build house of (as for single-family house house, residential land sale in lots more than 30 houses) more than principle, 50 houses, by "construction plan registration form such as apartment" (attached sheet style), we report plan contents to school Planning Division and confirm about the acceptance situation of elementary and junior high school corresponding to the construction planned site, and discussion, adjustment, please as needed. In the case of plan change, it is similar again.
 ※By the local situation, even less than target number of houses may have you submit.
 ※[for print] The prior consultation point (PDF: 156KB) to depend on apartment equal sets housing construction

The outside that is targeted for application

 As the residence of elementary school student, student is not usually anticipated in single person dormitory, office, the store, it is the outside targeted for application.
 Similarly, when this house exclusive possession areas are 30 square meters or less, scale of house is 1K or 1DK and considers to be live-alone house and is not intended for application.

Extension and/or alteration

 In the case of extension and/or alteration, we intend for the number of houses added newly except the building number of houses to exist about the construction number of houses.

Attention in entry

(1) Please submit at stage when construction plan was decided.
(2) Please use one piece for 1 plan.
(3) Please attach position figure (guide map) of plan place.
(4) When you changed plan, please report some other time.

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Board of Education Secretariat school Planning Division
Telephone 045-671-3252
FAX 045-651-1417

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Telephone: 045-671-3252

Fax: 045-651-1417

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