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About prior consultation that school district and apartment equal sets housing construction require

Last update date March 22, 2019


 Because housing estate becomes one of the causes of rapid increase of elementary school student, the number of students in City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat secretariat school Planning Division, we work for grasp of new property by "mark setting notice based on the regulations about adjustment of Yokohama-shi development projects" submitted for initial stage of development projects plan by company.
 Because lack of classroom may occur by rapid increase of elementary school student, the number of students, we ask for report because more detailed information such as entering time, the number of houses is necessary about housing estate of constant scale.
 We take necessary measures depending on the acceptance situation of school, but, depending on the situation of rapid increase, changes of school district may be carried out as one. As you may ask for discussion, adjustment beforehand, please cooperate.
"We ask of prior consultation that apartment equal sets housing construction requires" (prior consultation point/style downloading)

(reference 1) In the elementary and junior high schools about school district system

 In Yokohama-shi, we adopt "school district system" to appoint school entering school by Address.
 As we can search appointed school from Address, we would appreciate your referring to after confirmation by all means when apartment business is planned.
"School district system in the elementary and junior high schools"

(reference 2) About compulsory education population prediction list

 Based on infant as of May 1, the basic number of elementary school student, students, we announce "compulsory education population prediction table" which predicted elementary school student, number of students over the next 6 years every year according to every distinction, schools in the year.
 When apartment business is planned, we would appreciate your referring to after confirmation by all means.
"Compulsory education population prediction list"
(reference) reading (PDF: 102KB) of "compulsory education population prediction list"

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