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Private nursery schools are true child open spaces

Last update date January 8, 2021

[important] About administration of business that new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention requires

Private nursery schools take preventive measures against infection spread about true child open space business and carry out business,
By the situation of each garden, we may stop business stop or some approaches.
In addition, please note that you may limit the visit to an office number of people sequentially.
We would appreciate your referring to each garden for state of implementation.

In addition, depending on the future infection spread situation, please understand as we may change.

[about new coronavirus infectious disease expansion preventive measures]
Oh, it is request to user
・In the case of respiratory symptom and poor physical condition including fever, a cough, sore throat, please refrain from the use to protector, child, family.
・Before the use of open space, we would appreciate your washing our hands using soap by all means.
・According to a cough etiquette, I would like correspondence such as wearing mask.
・When can agree to give information to public health center for the purpose of grasp of the infection situation when infected person appears in the facility; of protector
Please provide "full name, contact information" to open space. In addition, with or without offer, you can use open space.

Measures of prevention of i infection spread
・It may limit the admission number of people to indoor open space to avoid "three are dense".
・The facility performs ventilation, sterilization regularly.
(we may arrange shortening and the use downtime for disinfection in facility at the use time of place to stay)

We move the body with all one's might and can play garden and nursery school buildings such as kindergartens happily!

Kindergartens support local child care such as opening, child-care consultation service of gardens such as kindergartens and nursery school building, childcare course, interchange childcare, reporting with living-in-children targeting at the protectors with child of non-school children in true child open space. Child plays with protector happily safely and can spend, and child care pro-fellows can compare notes, and it is in place of exchange of the child cares.

Business operation facility

There is non-permanent construction garden carrying out for gardens such as kindergartens and permanent construction garden carrying out opening of nursery school building more than three days a week and one day a week or two days a week.
As business operation day and time, content vary according to facilities, please refer to facility which wants to be used directly.

Eligible people

Child of non-school children and the protector.
In fact, elementary school student and the protector doing living-in-garden into Center for Early Childhood Education and Care, kindergarten do not have.

Yokohama-shi private nursery schools raise true child open space business new conduct garden! (December 25 update)

Offer of 2020 was finished.
Please see the choice result hahama kohiromejosentei page.

Private nursery schools glance through true child open space (the use reference)

As of April, 2020
Nazareth kindergarten (the outside site)1264, Kamoshidacho, Aoba-ku
(from Aobadai Station bus 12 minutes)
045-962-0050Permanent construction garden
Beautiful shino forest kindergarten2-16-17, Shinishikawa, Aoba-ku
(from Azamino Station a 6-minute walk)
045-911-5228Permanent construction garden
Mitakedai kindergarten1-1, Mitakedai, Aoba-ku
(from Aobadai Station or Fujigaoka Station 10-minute walk or bus five minutes)
045-973-0817Permanent construction garden
Greenhill kindergarten1-22-17, Tsurugamine, Asahi-ku
(from Tsurugamine Station a 3-minute walk)
045-373-6745Permanent construction garden
Uenohara kindergarten56-2, Otakacho, Asahi-ku
(from Futamatagawa Station, Tsurugamine Station, Higashi-Totsuka Station ten minutes from each bus ten minutes drop off walk five minutes)
045-373-1124Permanent construction garden
Showa, Yokohama kindergarten

2-7, Futamatagawa, Asahi-ku
(from Futamatagawa Station a 3-minute walk)

045-361-1858Permanent construction garden
Yokohama Miwa kindergarten101, Zenbucho, Asahi-ku
(from Minami-Makigahara Station a 7-minute walk)
045-391-0524Permanent construction garden
shimizugaoka kindergarten2-27-1, Nakazawa, Asahi-ku
(from Futamatagawa Station a 15-minute walk)
045-361-1798Non-permanent construction garden
Good friend child institutionIzumi Ward lower 3-27-11, Izumi
(from Tateba Station bus 15 minutes drop off walk ten minutes)
045-802-0566Permanent construction garden
Peaceful kindergartenIzumi, Izumi-ku center north 6-22-1
(from Izumino Station, Izumi-Chuo Station a 15-minute walk)
045-802-6600Permanent construction garden
Kamiiida kindergarten2106, Kamiiidacho, Izumi-ku
(from Izumino Station a 15-minute walk)
045-803-0644Permanent construction garden
Stand kindergarten (the outside site) of Center for Early Childhood Education and Care shrine3-29-1, Nakatakita, Izumi-ku
(from Yayoidai a 15-minute walk)
045-802-0266Permanent construction garden
Kaminakazato Kindergarten1032, Kaminakazato, Isogo-ku
(from Yokodai Station bus 12 minutes drop off walk two minutes)
045-773-5570Permanent construction garden
Kaori Kindergarten4-12, Yokoudai, Isogo-ku
(from Yokodai Station a 5-minute walk)
045-833-1929Permanent construction garden
Kougaya kindergarten2-6, Kougaya, Kanagawa-ku
(from Kanagawa Station a 5-minute walk)
045-441-0019Permanent construction garden
Center for Early Childhood Education and Care Shirayuri, Kanazawa kindergarten (the outside site)2-2-4, Kamariyaminami, Kanazawa-ku
(from Kanazawa-Bunko Station bus ten minutes)
045-784-0610Permanent construction garden
Takarajima kindergarten1-43-34, Kounandai, Kounan-ku
(from Konandai Station, Yokodai Station a 15-minute walk)
045-831-7074Permanent construction garden
Play the beauty; field kindergarten4-12-1, Kounandai, Kounan-ku
(from Konandai Station a 3-minute walk)
045-831-6666Permanent construction garden
Konandai kindergarten5-17-1, Kounandai, Kounan-ku
(from Konandai Station a 10-minute walk)
045-832-0248Permanent construction garden
Center for Early Childhood Education and Care Hino kindergarten (the outside site)5-12-14, Hino, Kounan-ku
(from Konan-Chuo Station a 13-minute walk)
045-843-8302Non-permanent construction garden
Center for Early Childhood Education and Care bamboo shoot kindergarten (the outside site)7-34-7, Hino, Kounan-ku
(from Konan-Chuo Station bus ten minutes)
045-844-2355Non-permanent construction garden
Kanai kindergarten9-40-6, Hino, Kounan-ku
(from Konandai Station, Kami-Nagaya Station bus 17 minutes drop off walk three minutes)
045-842-3370Permanent construction garden
Center for Early Childhood Education and Care Noba St. Kei kindergarten (the outside site)626, Nobacho, Kounan-ku
(from Kami-Nagaya Station bus eight minutes)
045-844-1203Permanent construction garden
Kozukue kindergarten256, Kozukuecho, Kouhoku-ku
(from Kozukue Station a 15-minute walk)
045-471-9038Permanent construction garden
Hiyoshidai light kindergarten1-7-14, Hiyoshihoncho, Kouhoku-ku
(from Hiyoshi Station a 5-minute walk)
045-561-2169Non-permanent construction garden
Iijima kindergarten1050-3, Iijimacho, Sakae-ku
(from Totsuka Station bus ten minutes)
045-871-5071Permanent construction garden
Center for Early Childhood Education and Care Nakano kindergarten Nakano acorn nursery school (the outside site)2-32-3, Motoohashi, Sakae-ku
(from Konandai Station bus five minutes drop off walk five minutes)
045-893-3980Permanent construction garden
Center for Early Childhood Education and Care Minami childishness Land (the outside site)4-16-1, Akuwaminami, Seya-ku
(from Izumino Station a 15-minute walk)
045-362-0115Permanent construction garden
Kanto kindergarten2-23-34, Shimoseya, Seya-ku
(from Seya Station a 16-minute walk)
045-301-5924Permanent construction garden
The capital field kindergarten3017, Ikonobecho, Tsuzuki-ku
(from Nakamachidai Station a 6-minute walk from bus 13 minutes)
045-941-2849Permanent construction garden
Edaminami kindergarten2-5-3, Edaminami, Tsuzuki-ku
(from Tsuzuki-Fureainooka Station a 10-minute walk)
045-942-0210Permanent construction garden
Center for Early Childhood Education and Care green kindergarten2-26-14, Gumizawa, Totsuka-ku
(from Odoriba Station a 10-minute walk)
045-881-2301Permanent construction garden
Center for Early Childhood Education and Care sunflower kindergarten (the outside site)Totsuka Ward Tozuka 5118
(from Totsuka Station an 8-minute walk)
045-864-0131Permanent construction garden
Tozuka kindergarten3967, Totsukacho, Totsuka-ku
(from Totsuka Station a 10-minute walk)
045-881-0936Non-permanent construction garden
Tozuka second kindergarten2888-8, Totsukacho, Totsuka-ku
(from Totsuka Station bus five minutes drop off walk three minutes)
045-881-8300Non-permanent construction garden

shirakaba kindergarten (the outside site)

1169, Yabecho, Totsuka-ku
(from Totsuka Station a 15-minute walk)
045-871-2605Permanent construction garden
The sky apartment house kindergarten2-50-1, Tennoucho, Hodogaya-ku
(from Tennocho Station a 7-minute walk)
045-335-6001Permanent construction garden
The east kindergarten3-13-6, Kamoi, Midori-ku
(from Kamoi Station a 5-minute walk)
045-931-2795Non-permanent construction garden

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