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List of open spaces of gathering of Nishi Ward parent and children

Last update date January 11, 2019

  • We move to introduction page of each open space when we click the open space name.
  • Please refer to each open space for the details such as held time or charge directly.
  • We accept custody targeting at custody who always uses open space in column in open space with mention saying "there is" at one time at short 1:00.
  • For details, please refer to each open space.
List of open spaces of gathering of Nishi Ward parent and children (March, 2014 update)
The open space nameAddressTrafficPhone numberAt one time
gurammanoie30-6, Sakainotani, Nishi-kuIt is bus stop "Kuboyama" or "Sakainotani" drop off walk ten minutes from Yokohama Station for municipal bus 12 minutes
Or it is municipal bus 14 minutes from JR, municipal subway line Sakuragicho Station
Bus stop "Ippommatsu Elementary School" drop off walk three minutes


Sherlock BABy

18-1, Minamikaruizawa, Nishi-ku
Minamikaruizawa park side 110

From Yokohama Station from 20-minute walk or Yokohama Station
Municipal management, Sotetsu bus 15 minutes "Asama bottom" drop off walk three minutes

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