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Welcome to person in charge of child care support section child care support!

Last update date January 24, 2020

We are enriched by child care support in area!

We reduce various anxiety and burdens about child care and aim at social realization that children carrying the next generation can be born and raised in good health and promote child care support measure in area by collaboration with citizen.

Main approach

  • Parent and child can interchange and push forward the making of place (place to stay of parent and child) performing various reporting or consultation.
  • We leave child in area and plan improvement of child care support system to keep.
  • We fix environment supporting child care with the whole area.

Main business

For more details, please click business name of list of following business.

List of main business in charge of child care support
Business nameSummary of business
Local child care support base businessParent and child before attendance at school play and interchange and are consultation, base facility giving information. We perform support to person working on child care support in area.
Open space business of gathering of parent and childrenOf ground of interchange, pleasure of home life with friend who parent and child during child care gather casually in one room of vacant store and apartment of mall, and does the same child care provide.
Private nursery schools are true child open space businessParent and child during child care play happily and, in garden and nursery school buildings such as private nursery schools, can spend time.
It becomes interchange between parents, place of information exchange. There is garden performing child care course or lecture.

Center for Early Childhood Education and Care and nursery school area child care support project

In Center for Early Childhood Education and Care, the nursery school, we perform child care support projects such as local opening of facility, child care consultation, childcare course.
Summary, the point, subsidy grant summary, application styles publication page

Child care supporter businessIn imminent facilities such as district center, community care plaza, local child care supporter performs child care consultation in environment where child can play
Yokohama child care support system business"Person wanting you to take charge of child" and "person who can take charge of child" register as member and help child care based on responsibility and relationship of mutual trust between members.
Infants temporary custody businessDuring child care, it borrows hand of somebody, and it is sometimes necessary to have you look after child.
I take child regardless of reason in such a case. As supporter of imminent child care, we help.

Child care home support business (Hama hug) (the outside site)

When home that there is and pregnant child who is younger than primary schoolchild show "Hama hug card" (registration document) in the support store, facility, we can receive various services to support offer of facilities, equipment easy for slight consideration and child care in case of entering a shop, child care including discount, special treatment.

Child care home support business (Hama hug) opening data (at April 1, 2019)

※These data are released by creative Commons license (CC-BY).
※We offer these data from child care home support business "Hama hug" (the outside site).

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