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Child care support in area

Last update date November 20, 2020

With "place to stay of parent and child"

Protector is playing with child before attendance at school together mainly, and "place to stay of parent and child" spends time and is place interchanging with other parent and child. Please use place of neighborhood.

In addition, you publish only place to stay to hold three times a week or more, but please refer to child, home support consultation of each ward as, in addition, you can use garden opening of some nursery schools which you do not publish in "child care salon" (held around one time a week from once a month) and map which area runs.

Please see the following leaflets about "place to stay of parent and child" and "temporary custody information of child".

dekaketemiyo 2020 cover
dekaketemiyo 2020 cover (light blue)

Collective downloading

We will go out! Place to stay of parent and child! Temporary custody information (2020.5 issuance) of & child (PDF: 20,130KB)

We download separately

Place to stay information (business summary) of parent and child (P.2) (PDF: 2,608KB)
Place to stay information (list of distinction) of parent and child (P.3 - 7) (PDF: 7,755KB)
Temporary custody information (P.8 - 9) of child (PDF: 4,298KB)
When was in trouble, there is such how to deposit, too (P.10 - 11); (PDF: 7,104KB)
Back cover (P.12) (PDF: 3,204KB)

Look at page of each business in leaflet from this.
In addition, about inquiry, we would like in contact information in the lower each business page.

Each "place to stay of parent and child" business page (P.2 - 7)
Area child care support baseOpen space of gathering of parent and children
Childcare support center garden, child care open space private institution permanent construction gardenPrivate nursery schools are true child open spaces

Each "temporary custody of child" business page (P.8 - 11)
Infants temporary custody businessTemporary childcare such as the authorization nursery schools
Yokohama child care support systemTemporary custody in open space of gathering of parent and children
Illness child childcareConvalescence child childcare
24 hours model urgent temporary childcareTemporary childcare of holiday childcare, holiday

In addition, (P.12)
Child, home support consultation of ward officeChild care supporter venue

Child care home support business "Hama hug" (the outside site)

Cooperation of "place to stay of parent and child"

In Motoichi, we devise "child, child care support project plan" to assume five years one sitting and decide to lay emphasis on "improvement of quality of support" by the second plan. We gather up "way of thinking of cooperation between leading figures for improvement of quality of child care support in area" to be smooth, and to correspond to diversifying child care family and promote this.
Way of thinking (PDF: 755KB) of cooperation between leading figures for improvement of quality of child care support in area

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Child and Youth Bureau Parenting Support Division child care support section

Telephone: 045-671-4157

Telephone: 045-671-4157

Fax: 045-663-1925

E-Mail address [email protected]

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