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Child care support in the area

Final update November 20, 2020

What is the place for parents and children?

The “Parent and Child Place” is a place where pre-school children and their parents play together and interact with other parents and children. Please use this place near you.

In addition, we publish only place to hold more than three times a week, but do not publish in "child care salon" (we hold once a month about once a week) and map which local people run As you can use garden opening of some nursery schools, please refer to child, home support consultation of each ward.

Please see the following leaflet about "place of parent and child" and "temporary custody information of child".

Let's go out on the 2020 cover
Let's go out on the 2020 cover (light blue)

Collective download

Let's go out! A place for parents and children! & Temporary custody information for children (issued by 2020.5) (PDF: 20,130KB)

split download

Place information of parent and child (business summary) (P.2) (PDF: 2,608KB)
Place information of parent and child (list of distinction) (P.3-7) (PDF: 7,755KB)
Temporary custody information for children (P.8-9) (PDF: 4,298KB)
When you are in trouble, there is such a deposit method (P.10-11) (PDF: 7,104KB)
Back cover (P.12) (PDF: 3,204KB)

Click here to see the pages of each business in the leaflet.
For inquiries, please contact the contact information at the bottom of each business page.

"Where to stay for parents and children" Each business page (P.2-7)
Regional Child Care Support CenterGathering open space for parents and children
Childcare Support Center Gardens and Childcare Plaza Private Permanent GardensPrivate kindergartens are Mako Plaza

"Temporary custody of children" each business page (P.8-11)
Temporary custody of infantsTemporary childcare such as licensed nursery schools
Yokohama child care support systemTemporary custody in a gathering space for parents and children
Childcare for sick childrenPost-sick child care
24-hour emergency temporary childcareTemporary childcare on holidays and holidays

Others (P.12)
Consultation on child and family support at the ward officeChild-rearing supporter venue

Child care home support business "Hamahag" (outside site)

Cooperation of "place of parent and child"

In Motoichi, we devise "child, child care support project plan" with five years as one term and decide to focus on "improvement of quality of support" in the second plan. In order to respond to diversifying child-rearing families in a meticulous manner, we will summarize and promote "the concept of cooperation between leaders for improving the quality of child-rearing support in the community".
Thinking of cooperation between leaders for improvement of quality of child care support in area (PDF: 755KB)

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