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We know play park and play and support

Last update date April 29, 2020


For extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, play park in Yokohama-shi cancels holding for the time being.
Period Until May 31, 2020 (plan)


We know play park

We climb a tree and, through play that was not readily possible every day including muddy play, bring up independence and sporting blood of children, and play park is amusement place, place to stay to work lively.
In Yokohama-shi, we support activity of play park where local people play a key role while doing role allotment. About characteristics of play park, please see the following pages in detail.

We play in play park

In Yokohama-shi, play park is held in 25 city.
About the held date and time, please see the following pages in detail. In addition, please be careful as holding is in irregular play park.
In Yokohama play park wound rou network website "list of play parks in Yokohama-shi" (the outside site)

List of play parks
The ward name The play park name Holding place
Tsurumi Ward Is together; play park Irifune park, prefectural Mitsuike Park (forest of adventure)
Kanagawa Ward Katakura rabbit mountain play park Katakura rabbit mountain Park
Kanagawa Ward Forest play park of Shirohata Shirohata west green tract of land
Kanagawa Ward It is play park shiningly Kanagawa Park Kanagawa Park
Nishi Ward Overlook Asamadai; play park Overlook Asamadai; park
Naka Ward makadono forest play park kammonshogakuko (the middle section athletic ground)
Minami Ward gumyoji play park Gumyoji Park (playground equipment open space)
Konan Ward It is play park Konandai lively Konandai Chuo Park
Hodogaya Ward hodogaya park play park Prefectural Hodogaya Park (naughtiness open space)
Asahi Ward Base of all ASAHI play parks Shirone Park
Asahi Ward Wakabadai play park Onuki Valley Park, canola flower park, Wakabadai Park (athletic open space)
Isogo Ward Yokodai station square park play park Yokodai station square park
Kanazawa Ward Kanazawa fine weather fine weather play park Nokendai Chuo Park (lawn open space)
Kohoku Ward Sea bream ke sakikoen play park Hiyoshihoncho sea bream ke sakikoen
Kohoku Ward Hiyoshi rokkou play park 6, Hiyoshi mirror ke deep water Park
Kohoku Ward Futoo Park bungler play park Futoo Park
Midori Ward sanho nenju slope play park sanhonentamasakakoen
Aoba Ward Shinishikawa Park play park Shinishikawa Park
Aoba Ward Shiratoridai Park play park Shiratoridai Park
Aoba Ward Azamino Nishi Park play park Azamino Nishi Park
Tsuzuki Ward   Tsuzuki adventure play ground perfectly round play park Kamoike Park (perfectly round open space)
Totsuka Ward Open space Matano Park play park of play Matano Park
Sakae Ward Dream open space Kanai Park play park Kanai Park (lawn open space)
Sakae Ward Katsurayama Park play park Katsurayama Park, 6, Kamigo Sorimachi Park
Seya Ward Forest play park of Minamidai, Seya child Forest Park of Minamidai child

We support play park

It is the local people that support each local play park. When not only we say amusement place of children, but also adult participates in play and event and watches play of children, it is important support hand of activity.
There are various kinds of way of support of play park. For more details, please see the following pages.
Wound rou network website "supports" play park in Yokohama (the outside site)

We make play park

In Yokohama-shi, we support holding of play park for play park group which met necessary requirements. For more details, please see the following pages.
So that Yokohama-shi website "creates play park"

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