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It is approach for improvement of quality of kids club and protector questionnaire after school ※We accepted and were finished

Last update date October 29, 2020

Please cooperate with protector questionnaire to depend on kids club after school

In Yokohama-shi, to provide place and opportunity to be able to spend after school when is rich in all elementary school student, and to expand place to stay of children of home for increasing absence, utilizing elementary school facility advanced in the whole school development of kids club after school, and was able to install kids club after school in all 340 elementary schools in this April.
Based on analysis of protector questionnaire for about 70,000 that we carried out in 2018, we arranged the present problem to be able to plan qualitative enhancement depending on needs of user and gathered up "directionality of review" in future.
Is the council of Yokohama-shi on working on review; "child, child care meeting after school sectional meeting (say "sectional meeting after school" as follows.) We push forward examination for conduct from 2004 while being based on discussion with well-informed people mainly on "and people concerned.
When arrive, after school of discussion by sectional meeting will carry out questionnaire targeting at protectors using kids club after school as follows to refer to. We would appreciate your cooperation.

[questionnaire eligible people] Protector who has child enrolling in kids club after school now

[the questionnaire deadline] Until Wednesday, October 28, 2020 ※We accepted and were finished.

[questionnaire answer method]
Questionnaire calls about directionality of review of kids club business after school. Summary of review is as follows.
For details, we can confirm materials at "(PDF: 464KB) about approach for improvement of quality of kids club business after school".
Please reply from the following questionnaire form after you saw these contents. ※We accepted and were finished.

After school directionality (extract) of review of kids club
TitleDirectionality of review
Enhancement of "place of life"We strengthen support to provide "place of life" to out home elementary school student, and to perform healthy upbringing by to perform establishing learning time and front-loaded (the 17:00 level ⇒ 16:00 level) at snacks time, can wear life rhythm.
Enhancement of "place of play"We raise contents, the conduct number of times of program to provide more satisfying experience, fictionization in all children using kids club.
In addition, the use of division 1 which is "place of play" shortens by 16:00. In addition, we abolish division 1 of Saturday when there is little use as "place of play".
Correspondence to "new lifestyle"We found "new division" to assume cheap pricing of the use for a short time corresponding to the use needs in division 2.
In addition, we decide to limit the use of division 1 which is "place of play" when acceptance of much elementary school student is difficult to do with place to stay that elementary school student can spend safely even if we put in the heat stroke prevention at the time of intense heat and new coronavirus infectious disease.
Support for stabilization of administration corporationBy performing review (about the ways such as parents' association or various reports) of subsidy desk work that request from administration corporation is strong and operation of system, support of more "security of human resources" and "personnel training", plan efficiency of improvement and desk work of quality that the staff can be opposite to elementary school student well and can work lively.

※In addition, for 2004, we examine request with high needs sequentially.

[questionnaire answer form] (the outside site) ※We accepted and were finished.
※hi ⽤ for Internet connection becomes book ⼈ burden. Overall cell-phone and ⼀ part of smartphone does not come in ri ⽤. Please inform of environmental ⽅ where questionnaire of this den ⼦ application system cannot make ri ⽤ into to the following e-mail address.
※We would like inquiry about questionnaire to the following e-mail address.

[reference starting protector questionnaire]
It is elementary school student upbringing section Child and Youth Bureau after school
Protector questionnaire charge
E-mail: [email protected]

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