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Tozuka second kindergarten

Last update date August 14, 2020

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Facility information


Totsuka Ward

The facility location

2888-8, Totsukacho, Totsuka-ku

Phone number/fax number

Telephone: 045-881-8300 FAX: 045-881-8300

Education policy

  • We help to be able to be concerned with play naturally so that intention of child grows up.
  • We break different age length and organize class → We learn various things by relations like children brothers.
  • Sense education that assumed rhythm expression mother's body → We keep experience using all senses in mind without being inclined to intellect, physical strength.
  • Genuine encounter → Picture book, the world, environment and thing of imagination (fantasy) of story, art experience genuine article!
  • The making of friend who makes child care while widening cultural interchange between parents, and helping each other.


Acceptance age3 years old3 years old4 years old5 years old
Fee for entering kindergarten70,000 yen70,000 yen70,000 yen 
Childcare chargesIt is 0 yen by becoming free of preschool education, childcare

As there may be money of various payment other than fee for entering kindergarten, the childcare charges, please refer to our kindergarten for the details.

  • Having garden bus or not: Available
  • School lunch use or nonuse: Unavailable
  • Custody childcare use or nonuse: Available
It is 16:00 from the end of the childcare
One hour 200 yen

  • Yokohama-shi private nursery school is true child open space conduct garden


It is kindergarten of facility type payment based on "child, child care support new system". (from 2015)

Other than fee that the municipalities where children live in set, it takes specific childcare charges 800 yen.

We operate pick-up bus of ticket system.

Sisters garden Tozuka kindergarten (Tozuka small neighborhood)

※ Please refer to our garden for the visit or other details.

Inquiry to this page

Child and Youth Bureau Parenting Support Division child care support section

Telephone: 045-671-4157

Telephone: 045-671-4157

Fax: 045-663-1925

E-Mail address [email protected]

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