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Abe kindergarten

Last update date August 14, 2020

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Facility information


Konan Ward

The facility location

4-13-26, Serigaya, Kounan-ku

Phone number/fax number

Telephone: 045-822-0383 FAX: 045-825-0936

Education policy

There is hill covered by grove of miscellaneous trees in garden more than 3,000 tsubos, and there are chestnut, apricot, loquat, artubus, fruit tree and fields such as cherry and Japanese bantam, rabbit, ranch of goat. We make use of this environment and relate consideration, interest, relations to human being to nature and value that we do childcare wealthily. We enjoy childcare in cooperation with parents to relate sensitivity to intelligence, and to bring up and make garden "place of healing". Children snuggle up with teacher in the four seasons and adopt blessings of nature in life and send kindergarten life with job that satisfying play is fun and acquire and graduate from base of "strong body, kind mind, reliable thought". 


Acceptance age3 years old3 years old4 years old5 years old
Fee for entering kindergarten110,000 yen90,000 yen75,000 yen
Childcare charges34,500 yen28,900 yen28,900 yen

Free of preschool education, childcare is free to monthly basis upper limit 25,700 yen in childcare charges by becoming
As there may be money of various payment other than fee for entering kindergarten, the childcare charges, please refer to our kindergarten for the details.

  • Having garden bus or not: Unavailable
  • School lunch use or nonuse: Unavailable
  • Custody childcare use or nonuse: Available
We carry out extended childcare on principle, one day of childcare. (once 700 yen. Until principle 17:00.)
For more details, please refer.


※We carry out parent and child lessons (meeting of Ohisama) for mishuenji (2 years old child). For more details, please refer to homepage or garden.
※We open garden on Sundays and holidays on after the weekday childcare and Saturday through the year. (for preparations for events, there is excluded day)

※ Please refer to our garden for other details.

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Child and Youth Bureau Parenting Support Division child care support section

Telephone: 045-671-2085

Telephone: 045-671-2085

Fax: 045-663-1925

E-Mail address [email protected]

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