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Kamikawai kindergarten

Last update date August 12, 2020

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Facility information


Asahi Ward

The facility location

1212-6, Kamikawaicho, Asahi-ku

Phone number/fax number

Telephone: 045-921-3324 FAX: 045-923-0856

Education policy

We raise rich sensitivity and sentiment while being concerned with seasonal event happily in education policy, green and overflowing good environment of light where we were endowed with naturally and bring up independent spirit. And we aim at upbringing of strong child with health with mind and body which can act with right judgment brightly.
We use wood abundantly, and circular nursery school building which we rebuilt in facilities, 2002 is fully equipped with air-conditioning in one-story house in consideration of security in disaster prevention. Nersery room and corridor can perform comings and goings to garden smoothly brightly widely, too. There are expensive ceiling, strong floor, good multipurpose hall of lighting in outbuilding.


Acceptance age3 years old3 years old4 years old5 years old
Fee for entering kindergarten76,000 yen76,000 yen60,000 yen
Fee27,000 yen27,000 yen27,000 yen

Free of preschool education, childcare is free to monthly basis upper limit 25,700 yen in childcare charges by becoming
As there may be money of various payment other than fee for entering kindergarten, the childcare charges, please refer to our kindergarten for the details.

  • Having garden bus or not: Available
  • School lunch use or nonuse: Available
Only on Monday
  • Custody childcare use or nonuse: Available
  • After childcare until 18:00
One hour 300 yen
  • Custody childcare of summer vacation
We carry out during period of summer vacation from the next day when childcare was finished in the summer. (from August 11 to August 14 except Saturday and Sunday)
From 9:00 to 17:00 (lunch, water bottle bringing)


  • We began English education by native lecturer in 2019 for childcare.
  • We carry out English class Friday in extracurricular classroom, keep-fit class Monday and parent and child after childcare.
  • On Wednesday, we hold contact nersery room (from part 10:00 of the morning 15:00 from 12:00, part 13:00 of the afternoon) of mishuenjitaisho.
  • Visit to kindergarten goes at any time. Desired person, please call by visit to garden beforehand to kindergarten.
※Please consult with our garden about other details.

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Child and Youth Bureau child care support section

Telephone: 045-671-2085

Telephone: 045-671-2085

Fax: 045-663-1925

E-Mail address [email protected]

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