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Toin school kindergarten

Last update date August 12, 2020

To kindergarten homepage (the outside site)

List of kindergartens

Facility information


Aoba Ward

The facility location

1614, Kuroganecho, Aoba-ku

Phone number/fax number

Telephone: 045-972-2223 FAX: 045-972-2223

Education policy

"We bring up power that "there is" by oneself", and, through play and life, one is education aim. We bring up "children who think by oneself, and judge, and can act" while keeping confidence and will through various experiences, and being careful with the sprouting of a feeling of self-affirmation.

  • Let's play! "Play" "learns", and no starts
Children put experience on much discovery in play. Interest, interest that we got leads to research feeling from there, and new play and study biheto spread.
  • Let's learn! "Let's learn" kihono
In kindergarten "learn" is made with future base. We learn "words" and "number" in spite of being pleasure like game and quiz.
  • Let's try! Without unreasonableness in stability
Only success is not all. It is connected to next one step to bring up strong mind not to give up even not doing well till the last by being weak in.
  • Let's bring up rich heart!
We touch friend every day and come in contact with nature, and experience challenging that it is various is important at all when children grow up as people. It makes strong body, and it is considerate of thing which life is, and it is basic of "living" that stretches out intelligence.
  • Let's talk! Let's work! Let's think! (active learning)
Play and experience will talk about having learned together
We value that we have thought for oneself. We learn in all of class while conveying thought for oneself, and hearing opinion of friend.
  • "Why" does please value "it is why"? (research)
Curiosity is driving force of learning. We share what we discovered in play and thing that we wondered at in class and expect together and check and bring up intellectual power.


Acceptance age3 years old3 years old4 years old5 years old
Fee for entering kindergarten120,000 yen
Childcare charges35,300 yen35,300 yen35,300 yen

Free of preschool education, childcare is free to monthly basis upper limit 25,700 yen in childcare charges by becoming
As there may be money of various payment other than fee for entering kindergarten, the childcare charges, please refer to our kindergarten for the details.

  • Having garden bus or not: Available
Tokyu Denentoshi Line Eda Station course, Fujigaoka Station course
Odakyu Line Kakio Station course

  • School lunch use or nonuse: Available
Four times a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)
Lunch, water

  • Custody childcare use or nonuse: Available (after school)
After the end of the Monday through Friday childcare until up to 6:30 p.m. (only as for the normal childcare period)
Business consignment to NPO corporation
Desired pay system
There is koen school bus
There are various programs


  • Three years childcare (only as for the recruitment of 3 years old children)
  • We were renamed to "Toin school kindergarten" from "Toin school childish part" from 2020.
※Please consult with our garden about other details.

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Telephone: 045-671-4157

Fax: 045-663-1925

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