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Information for year-limited childcare business

Last update date October 2, 2020

"Year-limited childcare business" utilizes space space of nursery school and easy nersery room and is business to take 1.2 years old child whom nursery schools were not available to in (2001) for a limited time.
We push forward maintenance such as nursery schools in area that childcare needs are high in, but, by surges of expectation for use of nursery school, the use application increases and, in Yokohama-shi, lacks acceptance frame of 1 year old child particularly.
On the other hand, we utilize in this business as there are few use applicants, and 4.5 years old child frame of new nursery school is frame which 2 years old, 3 years old child is buried under after the promotion, and space space by capacity breaking occurs after the establishment for around two years.
You are for a limited time, but please examine the use of this business with the use of Yokohama nersery room in addition.
In addition, please refer to conduct nursery school for the space situation and application for each nursery school directly.

About correspondence of going to kindergarten self-restraint

Toward the protector

Toward the company

The use toward the thought

2020 conduct

※ When there was change, we update "list of 2020 conduct nursery schools".

Target elementary school student

Person who corresponds to any of the following among 1.2 years old children whom nursery schools were not available to as a result of use adjustment

  • Residence in Yokohama-shi
  • Living in the Yokohama suburbs engaging in childcare duties in the authorization nursery school, Center for Early Childhood Education and Care in Yokohama-shi, homey childcare business, small childcare business, Yokohama nersery room

※ When nursery schools perform "withdrawal" of the use application or when we are using this business are designated unofficially as nursery schools, we cannot continue the use of this business.
※ We push forward maintenance such as nursery schools as waiting-list child measures and become urgent problem about securing of nursery staff. As we ask for cooperation about the preferential handling for children of nursery staff working in nursery schools in Yokohama-shi in conduct nursery school because it is thought that it makes securing of nursery staff difficult that nursery schools are not available to children of nursery staff, we would appreciate your understanding.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Use of year-limited childcare business application ⇒ use application (No. 16 style) (PDF: 188KB)
  2. Copy of use of facility, business adjustment result (reservation) notification of the use year
  3. Copy of supply authorization decision notification of Yokohama-shi (supply authorization decision notification which the use start date is included in during authorized validity and burden division application period)
  4. In addition, documents which conduct nursery school buys

※Person used "after the parental leave", please submit "reinstatement certificate" (PDF: 703KB) to nursery school using within two weeks after reinstatement.

Summary, style

Style entry example


When we change the use capacity by year-limited childcare business

[submission when we change the use capacity]
〒231-0005 6-50-10, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
It is addressed to each City of Yokohama, Child and Youth Bureau child facility Maintenance Division ward person in charge

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