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To all of Yokohama nersery room companies

Last update date October 16, 2020

About grant associated with new coronavirus infectious disease in Yokohama nersery room



Summary, the point

Briefing session material

Accident prevention and accident correspondence
(2019/2019 March 5, 2019
About about "notice matter when we run facility, business" and "accident prevention and accident correspondence"
About accident prevention and accident correspondence (PDF: 2,508KB)

[reference] Fill-in (sound delivery (outside site)) of change point

Style (the results report)

※On submission of administration situation report and the results report, you match with the material mentioned above, and please submit material which is with or less of mention to the results report.
・Report of fire prevention administrator election (copying)
・Brochure, list of charges, guidance flyer for users
・The governing board minutes (copying)
・All the history matters certificate (the administration main constituent only in the case of corporation)

Style (grant application)

Style (request, payment)

※In addition, about changes of conduct contents, please ask each ward office.

Style (substitution receipt notification)

About the stocking subtraction amount of a tax of consumption tax to affect grant and local consumption tax

Explanation about the stocking subtraction amount of a tax of consumption tax to affect subsidy and local consumption tax, please identify this page
The stocking subtraction amount of a tax report (2 of No. 28 style) which affects consumption tax and local consumption tax (word: 20KB)
1-8, Onoecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
City of Yokohama, Child and Youth Bureau childcare, education administration section Yokohama nersery room furtherance charge


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