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Toward the company carrying out company-driven childcare business

It is necessary for free of preschool education, childcare to report the use situation to the municipalities where user lives in in the facility (we say "company-driven child-care facility" as follows.) carrying out company-driven childcare business with becoming.

Last update date May 25, 2020

Report that is necessary in company-driven child-care facility

Report about the use elementary school student situation as of April 1, 2020

About the use elementary school student situation as of April 1, 2020, please submit "use of company-driven childcare business situation report".
But, about elementary school student using "only "temporary custody elementary school student" illness child childcare business", mention is unnecessary.

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City of Yokohama, Child and Youth Bureau childcare, education administration section
Preschool education, childcare is gratuitous and is in charge

※Please do "the company-driven use of childcare business situation report living-in-inside" and rubrication in envelope.

*When there is elementary school student living in Yokohama-shi in company-driven child-care facility establishing in the municipalities except Yokohama-shi, I would like submission to Motoichi.

The use report of tochunyutaienji

After April, it is necessary to submit "the end of the use report" when the end (exit) did the use in "the use report" when we had start (entrance) of the use of company-driven child-care facility.
Company distributes each style to protectors of elementary school student, and please collect after having filled in required items.
"The use report", please submit "the use end report" to Motoichi within one month from end of the use day during the month when the use start date belongs.
In addition, submission of "the use report" and "the use end report", please follow all use elementary school student whether age, free of the use elementary school student are elementary school student to be for of becoming. But, about elementary school student using "only "temporary custody business" illness child childcare business", submission is unnecessary.

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