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About 2020 present situation confirmation (child-care facilities out of the authorization)

About the present situation confirmation of gone to in child-care facilities out of the authorization                                     With "child-care facilities of this page out of the authorization", we point to (3-5 years old child class) such as childcare, ③ disease child childcare business, ④ infants 1:00 custody business, ⑤ Yokohama child care support system (only except pickup and drop-off), ⑥ company-driven childcare business (local frame), ⑦ Yokohama nersery room at ① report finished child-care facility (including baby-sitter) out of the authorization, ② 1:00.

Last update date May 29, 2020

To person who receives payment authorization in Yokohama-shi, and uses child-care facilities out of the authorization,
We perform the present situation confirmation every year to confirm that the situation to need childcare continues.

If it is usual, toward all target, we ask for submission of documents about the present situation confirmation,
In consideration of expansion of current new coronavirus infectious disease only for 2020,
To have only person whom the situation to affect payment authorization turned into report contents for change,
We change conduct method of the present situation confirmation.

Therefore, we have you confirm about the following contents, and, about applicable, procedure, please.

About procedures

Person who needs 1 procedure

Please file for that there was change from (or at the time of the last time present situation confirmation) in the situation to affect payment authorization at the time of authorized decision.
※ Procedure is unnecessary for authorized contents without change from at the time of certification application time or last time present situation confirmation at first.

 [attention] To person receiving authorization in working requirements
  ・We made a contract to change working hours of every month to under 64 hours a month
  ・Quitted work, changed the job
  We change labor contract with the office since it was applied for nado last time and must cancel,
  Procedure about the present situation confirmation of 2020 is unnecessary.

  ≪Example which procedure does not need≫
   Triggered by expansion of coronavirus infectious disease…

   ・Shift, and work, and close the office; temporarily the working days of month
    Working time decreased, but changes working hours of every month to under 64 hours a month
    When we are not doing until we do the office and change of labor contract

   ・For restraint that usually commutes to office, and works, but goes to work,
    When we will work temporarily at homes 

   nadoha, procedure are not necessary.

 ※ To tell about change of fee by change of the fiscal year even if we do not do procedure for changes,
   I may send notification.

 ※ When when the last time does not have authorized time and change, apply to the following situation, for calculation of confirmation, fee of authorized requirements
  Procedure is necessary separately. You see "about 2 procedures", and I would like submission of required documents.

   Oh, where you had Article 30 3 authorization, and was moved from the suburbs to after January 2, 2020
   I-0 age - 2 years old child class elementary school student with income overseas in protectors by the end of 2019 (2019)

Contents of main change
Contents of main change

Authorized change

Other necessary documents

We move to outside Yokohama-shi

Authorized cancellation application

We moved to in Yokohama-shi *  

Household constitution included change
(divorce, marriage, increase and decrease, taking up job leaving his family behind of living together family)


We quitted work (we became looking for a job)


The working situation changed
(working hours, commuting time, night duty, having taking up job leaving his family behind or not
Work that started work changed)

* Working (plan) certificate
We begin closure in after giving birth in before childbirth *

Copy of mother and child health handbook
※Page that parturient (childbirth) due date can identify as cover

Parental leave is finished and returns to work *

Reinstatement certificate
※We fill out after the reinstatement by all means,
Please submit within two weeks after reinstatement.

When acquire parental leave, already facility, business
We want to continue the use of child using.


・Parental leave certificate

・Living-in-garden certificate

In that lived outside Yokohama-shi, we were taxed in the municipality
The citizen amount of a tax included change
(including case that the taxation year turned into)

* Residence tax (non-) taxation certificate

It was not municipal tax tax exemption household
(only in the 0 years old - 2 years old child class)

Authorized cancellation application
Change was in other domestic situation * Material which contents for change understands

About 2 procedures

Person that change was in the situation, please submit necessary documents such as authorized change applications.
I would like submission by the end of the previous month of the moon needing authorized change.
※ Authorized change is already in the necessary situation, and, as for the which is not filed for, procedure, please as promptly as possible.

Person who corresponds to 1-a: 2020 residence tax (non-) taxation certificate (municipality of place of residence as of January 1, 2020
             Please submit thing) to issue.
Person who corresponds to 1-i: Various deductions such as the amount of income or society premium during overseas assignment period are identified as overseas income report
            Please submit certificates.

3 submissions

  • Ward office Children and Families Support Division of ward to live

  ※Receptionist by mail goes, too.

4 required documents styles

About information about 5 present situation confirmation flyer

About "the present situation confirmation to affect payment authorization of 2020" (PDF: 915KB)
※In 2020, we do not distribute one set of present situation registration form.

Contact information

Each <ward Children and Families Support Division Phone number>  ※Telephone Reception hours: From Monday to Friday (excluded on holiday) from 8:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.


The west045-320-8472Green045-930-2331
Medium045-224-8172Green leaves045-978-2428
The south045-341-1149Tsuzuki045-948-2463

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