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Of where child-care facilities out of the authorization are used is free; about certification applications of payment

With "child-care facilities of this page out of the authorization,"                                                    ①We point to (municipal tax tax exemption household of 3-5 years old child class or 0-2 years old child class) such as childcare, ③ disease child childcare business, ④ infants temporary custody business, ⑤ Yokohama child care support system (only except pickup and drop-off), ⑥ company-driven childcare business (local frame), ⑦ Yokohama nersery room at reported child-care facility (including baby-sitter) out of the authorization, ② 1:00.

Last update date October 20, 2020

About fee that child-care facilities out of the authorization cost when receive payment authorization from Yokohama-shi of preschool education, childcare is free, and can receive payment ("is free, and say payment" as follows.). It is necessary to go through the following procedures to receive this payment.

In this page, we explain Step1 authorization.

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[Step1 authorization]

That child-care facilities out of the authorization are used and to be free and receive payment,
It is necessary for facilities to receive the use payment authorization (they say "payment authorization" as follows.) beforehand.
You have you confirm application guidance, and please submit required documents to ward office Children and Families Support Division of ward to live.
As you sail up before the application acceptance day and cannot receive payment authorization, please be careful.
(application acceptance day is day when we accepted application at ward office.)

Target 1 certification application

When we meet all following and receive payment authorization from Yokohama-shi, it is free and becomes a target of payment.

  • We are not doing living-in-garden to (※ 1) such as nursery schools
  • We meet "authorized standard of the need of childcare" of Yokohama-shi
  • Children from 3 years old child class to 5 years old child class or (※ 2) children such as municipal tax tax exemption households of child class 2 years old from 0 years old child class

※Kindergarten, Centers for Early Childhood Education and Care carrying out custody childcare constant standard (weekdays eight hours and 200 days a year) or more such as 1 authorization nursery school, Yokohama nersery room (0-2 years old child class), year-limited childcare business, company-driven childcare business (employee frame)

※We include ward in case and National Assistance Act that became non-levier when we are considered to be widows in 2 unmarried single-parents, foster parent in the Child Welfare Law


As a general rule, we cannot receive payment authorization during parental leave in many cases as childcare at home is possible. But we can receive payment authorization when we meet all the requirements of following ① from the viewpoint of child welfare.

①Requirements of the use continuation authorization during parental leave

 Using child-care facilities out of the authorization, use the same facilities sequentially in future since before having begun 1 parental leave

 The use frequency in 2 contracts being four days a week or more.

②Authorized period

 Until the last day of the moon where day when parental leave is finished belongs to

2 application guidance

Documents necessary for 3 certification applications

(1) Person who begins the use such as child-care facilities out of the authorization on April 1, 2021

(2) Child-care facilities after starting the use by March 31, 2021 out of the authorization

(3) Documents style data which prove the need of childcare

≪Submission is necessary about all documents >> protectors (e.g., in the case of parents household each) proving the need of childcare.
Authorized reason The situation of protector Documents

Regardless of company and home,

When we work more than 64 hours a month

(including case of informal appointment)

[when we begin the use on April 1, 2021]

Working (plan) certificate (PDF: 628KB)

Working (plan) certificate (word: 66KB)

Working (plan) certificate (Excel: 597KB)

[when we begin the use by March 31, 2021]

Working (plan) certificate (PDF: 540KB)

Working (plan) certificate (word: 63KB)

Working (plan) certificate (Excel: 570KB)

Childbirth When preparations for childbirth and rest after childbirth are necessary Copy of mother and child health handbook
Disease, injury Protector at the time of disease, injury Medical certificate
Obstacle When protector is defective None
Care, nursing

Sick person and person with a disability, person requiring nursing care

When we care more than 64 hours a month

・Of sick person receiving medical certificate or care

Copies of identification of copy, The Long-term Care Insurance people insured such as disability certificates

Time schedule (PDF: 463KB)

  When we work as attendant of tsusho (attending school)

・Going to kindergarten, attending school certificate

Time schedule (PDF: 463KB)

Attending school

Protector in university and vocational school

When we go more than 64 hours a month

・Student registration certificate

・Material to understand of class schedule

Of parental leave average

The use continuation

When we continue the use such as custody childcare during parental leave

Parental leave certificate (PDF: 85KB)

・Copy of living-in-garden certificate (PDF: 630KB) or contract

About seal of working certificate

We make seal column for working certificates to secure what employer (business owner) made, but do not need seal when there is thing as follows becoming substitute of seal.
(cases that when protector applies for email screens when we send working certificates from employer to protector, we attach)

●About the items mentioned such as working certificates, we may confirm to employer (business owner).
●When there are forgery, manipulation of submission documents, we may cancel payment authorization.

4 or other styles

5 style entry example

(1) Person who begins the use such as child-care facilities out of the authorization on April 1, 2021

(2) Child-care facilities after starting the use by March 31, 2021 out of the authorization

6 Entry exsamples in easy Japanese (Easy Japanese oyster person)

7 references

[free dial for exclusive use of becoming]

To Phone number following free of preschool education, childcare as for the inquiry about becoming
  Telephone: 045-840-6064
  FAX: 045-840-1132
Establishment time: From 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
(excluded for from December 28 to January 3)

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