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Application for accreditation of free benefits for those who use unlicensed childcare facilities, etc.

"Non-licensed childcare facilities" on this page means                                                    ①Non-licensed childcare facilities (including babysitters), 2 temporary childcare, 3 sick childcare business, 4 infant temporary custody business, 5 Yokohama child care support system (excluding pick-up only), 6 company-led childcare business (regional frame) , 7 Yokohama childcare rooms, etc. (3-5 year old class or 0-2 year old class municipal tax-exempt household).

Final update date April 1, 2021

If you receive a benefit certification from Yokohama City, you can receive free benefits for early childhood education and childcare (hereinafter referred to as “free benefits”) for usage fees for unlicensed childcare facilities. To receive this benefit, you need to follow the steps below.

This page explains the Step1 certification.

※For Step2 and Step3, click the images above to go to the relevant page.


In order for those who use non-approved childcare facilities to receive free benefits,
In advance, it is necessary to receive a facility use benefit certification (hereinafter referred to as “benefit certification”).
You have you confirm application guidance, and please submit required documents to ward office Children and Families Support Division of ward where you live.
Please note that you will not be able to receive benefits retroactively before the date of application.
(The date of receipt of the application is the date of receipt of the application at the ward office.)

1 Those who are eligible for certification application

If you meet all of the following and receive a benefit certification from Yokohama City, you will be eligible for free benefits.

  • Not in a nursery school (* 1)
  • We meet "authorization standard of need of childcare" of Yokohama-shi.
  • Children from the 3-year-old class to the 5-year-old class or children from the 0-year-old class to the 2-year-old class who are exempt from municipal tax (* 2)

※1 Kindergartens and certified children's schools that carry out custody childcare above a certain standard (8 hours on weekdays and 200 days a year), Yokohama Nursery Room (0 to 2 years old class), year-only childcare business, company-led childcare Business (employee quota)

※2 If an unmarried single parent is deemed to be a widow, etc., it will be a tax-exempt person, including a protected person under the Public Assistance Act and a foster parent under the Child Welfare Act.


During childcare leave, childcare at home is often possible, so in principle you cannot receive benefits. However, from the viewpoint of child welfare, if you meet all of the following requirements, you can get a benefit certification.

①Requirements for continued use during childcare leave

 1 Use non-licensed childcare facilities before entering childcare leave and continue to use the same facilities in the future.

 2 The frequency of use in the contract must be at least 4 days a week.

②Certification period

 Until the last day of the month to which childcare leave ends

2 Application Guide

3 Documents required for certification application

About handling of application documents, etc. in seal

In Motoichi, about documents necessary for application such as nursery schools, we do not need signature and seal, and only requests signatures. (From March 1, 2021)

Please note that at this time, each application document will be signed and information on seal will be provided.

Document Form Data to prove the need for childcare

About seal of Employment Certificates

In Motoichi, about employment certificates, we establish seal's (employer) entry columns for employment certificates, etc., but does not require seal City. (From March 1, 2021)

If you create or modify a certificate with the name of the company without permission, we may cancel the benefit certification assuming that the application is false.
In this case, if it is deemed that it falls under the configuration requirements of a privately-owned private document forgery, a privately-owned private document for remodeling, or a private electromagnetic record for improper construction, it is considered that each crime can be established.
About establishment of crime pertaining to omission, digitization of Cabinet Office employment certificate in seal: 1,515KB)
Please note that we may contact the employer (business owner) for information such as employment certificates.

≪Documents proving the need for childcare 1 Submission is required for all parents (for example, in the case of parent households).
Reason for Certification Parents' Situation Documents

Regardless of company or home,

When working more than 64 hours a month

(Including a job offer)

Employment (planned) certificate (PDF: 628KB)

Employment (planned) certificate (word: 66KB)

Employment (planned) certificate (Excel: 597KB)

Childbirth When you need to prepare for childbirth or rest after giving birth Copy of Maternal and Child Health Handbook
Illness and injury When parents are sick or injured medical certificate
Disability When a parent has a disability None
Nursing care and nursing

Illnesses, persons with disabilities and persons requiring care

When caring for more than 64 hours a month

・Medical certificate of sick person or person receiving care

Copy of Handbook for Persons with Disabilities, copy of The Long-term Care Insurance Insured Card, etc.

Time schedule (PDF: 463KB)

  When attending a school (going to school)

・Certificate of attending school and attending school

Time schedule (PDF: 463KB)

attending school

Parents at universities and vocational schools

When I go over 64 hours a month

・student registration certificate

・Materials that show the timetable

During childcare leave

Continued use

When we continue to use custody during childcare leave

Childcare leave certificate (PDF: 85KB)

Certificate of attendance at school (PDF: 630KB) or copy of contract

4 Other forms

5 Form entry example

6 Entry exsamples in Easy Japan (Kakikata Easy Japanese)

7 Contact information

[Free dial]

For inquiries about free preschool education and childcare, please contact Phone number's free
  Telephone: 045-840-6064
  FAX: 045-840-1132
Opening hours: From 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (including weekends and holidays)
(Except from December 29 to January 3)

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