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It is glanced through becoming vs. elephant facility free of preschool education, childcare

Last update date November 25, 2020

Free glances through becoming vs. elephant facility

There is not mention in list, but, about authorization nursery school and Center for Early Childhood Education and Care, facility type payment kindergarten (education part), free is object of becoming.
When there is addition, correction, we update at any time.

Only fee of custody childcare of kindergarten which goes when combination with child-care facilities out of the authorization is impossible free of making is.
Including fees such as the authorization outside child-care facilities to add to fee of custody childcare of going kindergarten when combination with child-care facilities out of the authorization is possible, and to use together free of making is.

We include Yokohama nersery room.

Home visit type business that individual performs omits part of personal Address from the viewpoint of privacy protection.
In addition, please refer to Children and Families Support Division of the location ward of company when it is necessary to contact.

With temporary custody business 
It is childcare business ・ at municipal nursery school special childcare business, Yokohama-shi infants temporary custody business, Yokohama-shi temporary childcare business, Yokohama-shi 24 hours type emergency 1:00
We include limited childcare business at one time in childcare business, the Yokohama-shi year on Yokohama-shi holiday.

※Only pickup and drop-off are excluded

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