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About homey childcare business

Last update date September 17, 2019

With homey childcare business

When we cannot raise protector for working or disease, domestic childminder (member of home childcare welfare) raises child on behalf of protector. We carry out close childcare in homey atmosphere of 3-5 capacity for 0-2 years old children.

In child, child care support new system that began in April, 2015, it is business made as one of the authorization business (local model childcare business) of the municipalities newly.

Please search homey childcare business operation facility from nursery school, child-care facility.

What kind of facility is it?

About target age and capacity, we are as follows.

Summary of homey childcare business


Homey childcare business

Target age

0-2 years old child


3 to 5 persons

Childcare worker

Placement ratio

One childcare worker raises for three 0-2 years old children. In addition, one childcare worker and adjunct one raise for five 0-2 years old children when we employ aide.


Domestic childminder and aide
※The constant training attendance is necessary

School lunch

School lunch or lunch bringing
※It varies according to facilities.

Cooperation facility

It cooperates with either facility of Center for Early Childhood Education and Care, kindergarten, the authorization nursery school. Cooperation facility supports "support of childcare contents" "offer of substitute childcare" "security of promotion after graduation" for homey childcare business.
But "offer of substitute childcare" "security of promotion after graduation" may not set as provisional measure until 2019.

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