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24-hour emergency temporary childcare

Final update date April 14, 2021

We support child care in case of emergency.

Business description

If you have to leave your child urgently due to a parent's illness or work, we will take care of it temporarily at a nursery.
24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including night and lodging. Depending on the situation such as capacity, we may refuse at the discretion of the garden.

Information on 24-hour emergency temporary childcare (for printing) (PDF: 558KB)

Implementation facilities

Aozora Nursery School
5-35-15, Rokukakubashi, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi
(24-hour telephone: 045-488-5520)

Konan Harukaze Nursery School
8-31-36, Hino, Kounan-ku, Yokohama-shi
(24-hour dedicated telephone: 045-849-1877, fax: 045-849-1855)

Applicable elementary school student

In principle, elementary school student to pre-school in principle.

Number of days used

As a rule, within 3 days
If you have more than 3 days for unavoidable reasons, please consult with a nursery school.

How to use this method

1 Please apply directly to the nursery school by telephone.
We will ask you about your child's name, gender, age, pick-up, emergency contact number, and reasons for using it. Be sure to check what you need to use.

Necessary items (Please write all names on your belongings)
Directed by a nursery school, such as a health insurance card, driver's license, maternal and child health handbook, private seal can also be filled out at nursery schools), bags, changing clothes, pajamas, disposable diapers (if necessary), shoes, etc. What was done
Meals are provided, but please consult with a nursery for baby food.

2 After applying by phone, please come directly to the nursery.
Please bring the necessary items for use and apply for use at the nursery school. At that time, I will confirm the contents of the call again.

3 Use and Pick-up
Please leave your child with the approval of the nursery school.
Also, please let me know about emergency contact number, please.
Be sure to observe the pick-up time. If you are over due to unavoidable circumstances, please contact us.

Usage fee per hour (Please pay at the time of application)

Usage fee table per hour (Please pay at the time of application)
age7:00 to 19:00From 19:00 to 7:0024-hour limit
0 to 1 year olds600 yen700 yen10,000 yen
2 to 3 years old500 yen600 yen10,000 yen
4 years old or older400 yen500 yen10,000 yen

Age as of April 1
Separate meal charge 300 yen per meal
■About reduction of taxes system
elementary school students such as social security households, municipal tax-exempt households, single-parent households, etc. will be exempted from the usage fee by 50%. If used together with siblings, the lower child will be reduced by 30%. In addition, 50% reduction of usage fee for multiple fetuses in elementary school student by 50%. If you take care of one of the multiple fetuses, you will be exempted by 50%. However, in the case of sibling use, it shall not overlap with the 30% reduction of the lower child.
■To use the tax exemption system
Certificates (social security, social security (start) decision letter, welfare expenses payment certificate, municipal tax / prefectural tax (non) taxation certificate, Child Raising Allowance certificate, welfare Medical Certificate of single parent certificate), etc. Please show it to the nursery school before or on the day of use. In addition, documents proving multiple fetuses are confirmed in Mother and Child Handbook and resident certificate City.

Contact information

Child and Youth Bureau Childcare and Education Management Division
Telephone: 045-671-3564

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Child and Youth Bureau Child Care Support Department Childcare and Education Management Division

Telephone: 045-671-3564

Telephone: 045-671-3564

Fax: 045-664-54799

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