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About home visit type childcare business

Final update date March 30, 2021

Home-based childcare person who completed home visit type childcare basic training that Yokohama-shi carries out visits home of elementary school student home of 0-2 years old child and performs childcare one-on-one.

We carry out this business as one of the Japan-China employment transition support tools for single-parent families. Therefore, in the use, it becomes single-parent home resident in Yokohama-shi meeting condition listed in the following guidance.
If you are considering using it, please check the information below.

Guidance of Yokohama-shi home visit type childcare business (PDF: 230KB)


Please see the above PDF file "Information for Yokohama City Home Visit Type Childcare Business".

[Flow until use]

1 Prior consultation and use requirements confirmation application
Please consult with your Children and Families Support Division, where you live, please consult us in advance to see if you are eligible After consultation, when you want to apply for use, please apply for use requirements confirmation by "Yokohama-shi home visit type childcare business use requirements confirmation application". (If you do not meet the usage requirements, you cannot use it.)
2 Interview / Adjustment (if the usage requirements are met)
After receiving "use application approval letter of advice" from Children and Families Support Division Approval Notice”, contact the home visit type childcare company, conduct an interview at the guardian's home, and discuss the usage time and transportation expenses. In addition, it may not be available depending on the desired time and availability.
3 Use application (supply authorization application)
After consultation with company, please apply for use in Children and Families Support Division City by the deadline of the month before the month you wish to start using the service.
4. Use decision
We make use adjustment and, when use is decided, send use adjustment result notice.
As a result of usage adjustment, it may be suspended.
5. Use contract
If you decide to use the service based on the notification of the usage adjustment result, please conclude a usage contract with the company.

[Application for use]

Ward Office in your ward Children and Families Support Division where you live

[Usage rules and applications]

Home visit type childcare business use rule (PDF: 287KB)
Use requirements confirmation application (PDF: 119KB)
Japan-China Employment Transition Plan and Job Hunting Status Report (Excel: 259KB)
Please prepare an employment certificate.

[Inquiries about the system]

Child and Youth Bureau Childcare and Education Management Division
Telephone: 045-671-3564
FAX: 045-664-54799

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Telephone: 045-671-3564

Fax: 045-664-54799

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